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  1. Just some footage that has accumulated on my computer over the past couple years.
  2. zackkbake

    Junior College Academic Probation

    I took some photos yesterday of my friends ripping and I like how some of them turned out. They have been filming a video for the past year or so and I've started coming along. I posted them up at http://www.maynesmanor.com if anyone cares to check them out and tell me they suck. Insta promo
  3. zackkbake

    Quick Warmup

    It looks like you're trying really hard to follow him and making it jerky instead of one smooth motion.
  4. zackkbake

    Messing Around On The Ramp

    even the ramp looks like that one bam has
  5. zackkbake

    Steve Berra

    Yeah but without Berra he wouldn't be in the Berrics getting paid to film them. and that vig looks terrible
  6. zackkbake

    Bakewell's Balls

    haha the result of boredom
  7. Well I acquired after effects 6.5...pretty old but anyways everytime I put a clip into to ramp it, it imports in slow motion. It has a slight slant going up on the graph. I used to ramp by in the day when I had AE on my windows but I don't know what is wrong with this. Any ideas? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. UPDATE: Alright, I figured it out and it's importing correctly but I can't get a good ramped, its not allowing me to put enough curve into it.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wOZfOzBbVg not skating but the last shot is pretty nuts
  9. zackkbake


    Man, he is sponsored by some lame ass shit
  10. We were driving around all day getting new boards, trying to skate spots and kept getting kicked out. Only two shitty tricks, we got kicked out before we could really skate and the rest is just random stuff.
  11. zackkbake

    New Flavors Intro

    don't happen to go to columbia, do you?
  12. zackkbake


    he's so good, i used to love his part in sorry
  13. zackkbake

    Capture Camera Suggestions

    I just use my steal little brothers 100 dollar camera every once and a while, It works fine for me.
  14. zackkbake

    185 & 186 Feedback Thread

    Man the quality of your vx is soooo nice, almost looks HD from that clip. Idk why I can't get my vx2000 to turn out like that.