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  1. Was using my camera all day, set it down for a little, pulled it back out, turned it on and it started making a weird humming/clicking noise coming from the VAP unit. there is also a sort of vibrating coming from right under the 3CCD logo
  2. Flipsk8r051

    Wtb: Mk1 Bayo

  3. Flipsk8r051

    Wtb: Mk1 Bayo

    Currently have a vx21/mk1 setup and looking to get a vx1000, but i dont want to buy a new mk1. Just looking to buy only the bayo ring for a vx1. If you're selling one, please let me know
  4. Flipsk8r051

    610 Love

    Small video I threw together http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNo0IOEoCc4
  5. Flipsk8r051

    Century Mk1 Screwed And Century Mk1 (Vx2K Bayo)

    Do you still have the mk1 with vx2_00 bayo?
  6. Flipsk8r051


    Im heading out to Pittsburgh for a week with some friends to film in mid July, Does anyone from around the area know any spots we should hit up?
  7. Flipsk8r051

    Wtb: Super 8 Camera

    Looking a somewhat good super 8 film camera for B-roll shots. Looking to spend from anywhere up to about $120. Please let me know if anyone is looking to sell one. Thanks
  8. Flipsk8r051

    Wpcs Promo#4

    Haven't posted on here in a really long time, but i figured i would post up my new promo. I've been working on this video with my friends now for almost a year now, and finally panning on releasing in sometime next month. EDIT: I know there is some park footage in there, but there wont be any in the actual video. Give me some feedback on what you guys think.
  9. Flipsk8r051

    Post Yourself Shooting

    hahaha, he wanted me to try this handrail and my other friend was taking random pictures
  10. Flipsk8r051

    Post Yourself Shooting

    he was actually filming me
  11. Flipsk8r051

    Post Yourself Shooting

    My friend filming Me filming
  12. Flipsk8r051

    Best Colors Thread Part 2

    VX2100 no CC
  13. wanted it to be a fun montage that is why i used the song. work hard on this video, so please give me some feedback on what you guys think. Thanks
  14. Flipsk8r051

    How Do You Find Your Songs?

    another site that is pretty good, its kinda like pandora, is grooveshark. or i look through my friends iPods or mine