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  1. bruxo

    Trucks For A 8.25 Board

    Looking for skateboard trucks that would fit a 8.25 deck,looking for something cheap.It would be perfect to pick up trucks localy in chicago but i also could do shipping. Pm me
  2. bruxo

    Vig Question

    It looks good,a lot better then a 58mm with a spacer would look.
  3. Looking to buy a 8.1 inch deck in chicago,pm me.
  4. bruxo

    The Filming Netjiot

    you could try just taking it apart and checking if it has any loose cables,something like this guy did
  5. yeah so I just moved from europe to usa chicago,what are the best places to skate?and what local skate shops would you recomend?
  6. bruxo

    Help With Sony Vx1000

    i think you could just fill it down with sandpaper to fit a fisheye normaly.
  7. http://websta.me/p/860576897142652951_6636567 so...what do you think about this?
  8. bruxo

    Crazy Good Find

    one time i bought a ripndip sweather for 10 bucks in a thrift shop.
  9. bruxo

    Worst Easy Trick

    switch popshuvits.
  10. bruxo


    got a vx1000e with four batteries,pm me if you're interested.
  11. you know,some people just don't know what they are selling,i have seen vx1k's go for low as 20 bucks.
  12. bruxo

    The Filming Netjiot

    you can screw on an 52mm nd filter.
  13. bruxo

    New To Vx

    Get a canon 200eg backpack,century mk1,frezzi mini fill,any capture cam and a shitload of sony premiums.you'll be set for life in sd skateboarding cinematography.
  14. bruxo

    The Filming Netjiot

    how much does a broken vx1k cost now?for example something that has a broken tapedeck.and is there still a demand for minty vx1k?