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  1. I put this out at the end of '17 and figured I'd throw it up here. Hope you enjoy
  2. deanantoniou

    Bocaskatepark Edit

    shot in one day. went overboard with the ramps. sorry
  3. deanantoniou

    Mk1 For Sale

    i got 600. pm me
  4. just saw tokyo police club earlier tonight
  5. deanantoniou

    Would This Be A Good Generator?

    i have the ETQ TG3000 and havnt had anyproblems with it. So i wouldnt imagine that the tg1200 would be a bad buy
  6. deanantoniou


    i have it for n64. soo fun. nothing like a good carlsbad sesh
  7. no, you cant do it in motion. you need AE
  8. deanantoniou

    2009 Skateperception Montage

    so hyped to see this
  9. deanantoniou

    Can't Decide

    ill probably keep the offer for about a month or so. one of my friends is interested too. but if you can scrape together the cash in the next month just message me or something
  10. deanantoniou

    Dvx100a Or Gl2

    if you have 1500 and want an sd camera then why not go for a vx. but if those are your only two options then i would go for the dvx because of the vibrant colors and sharper sound quality
  11. deanantoniou

    Can't Decide

    ill sell you a fx1 with a mk2, ty evans bag, and a warranty for $2100
  12. deanantoniou

    Can't Decide

    i would go with the dvx. i owned an fx1, which is pretty similar to the fx7, for a while, and i've used a dvx on multiple occasions and the dvx gets much more vibrant colors. also, the dvx is slightly cheaper. like 1300 on ebay
  13. deanantoniou

    Filming Pet Peeves

    when people want you to film shit that they're not even close to landing. and then they expect you to film it for like 30 minuits
  14. deanantoniou

    Your Filming Board (setup..?)

    shred shed shop deck, some rowley stage nines, reds, and some gumball wheels