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  1. I need a mk1, opteka or a raymod please let me know asap thanks!
  2. Looking for an OG mk1 or i guess a regular mk1 for the vx1k. Let me know what you got!
  3. My neighbor was having a garage sale last week went over he had a few instruments for sale. Picked up a few. Didn't think anything of it. We started talking about video cameras for some reason. Then he started talking about how i should videotape my kids as soon as they're born etc. To cut a long story short he forgot all about the vx he bought like around 10- 15 years ago in his storage room. So he finally found it, ended up being practically unused just a scratch on the back. He said he didn't want it anymore, so i took it off his hands. He said he bought it and his wife made him return it, But the store gave him a hard time with the return policy back then so he ended up just holding on to it. I don't film anymore so i thought i just buy it and resell it. Everything works fine. No signs of any glitches. I cleaned the heads with head cleaner just for the sake of it sitting in the storage in a bag since forever. The camera will basically speak for it self. Comes with everything ORIGINAL except the box, he bought the bag the day he bought the camera. Moral of the story... check out around where you live, you never know what the person next door might have. Looking for around 7 for this setup. I'm very negotiable & i really don't want it. So first come first serve. I'll throw this up on ebay in 2 days if no one wants it. text me 424-777-3443 Comes with Sony VX1000 4 batteries 1 charger 1 manual 2 straps 1 big eye cup 1 REMOTE 1 bag
  4. Wheres all the NJ homies