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  1. Wtb Xtreme For Hmc/hpx

    still looking...
  2. Mk2 Fisheye Questions

    not really looking for a 16x9, looking for something wider.
  3. Mk2 Fisheye Questions

    So i've been using a dvx mk2 fisheye on my hmc150 lately, but my lens is pretty beat up and i'm not quite ready to buy an xtreme. Would it be possible to buy an mk2 that is for a canon xha1 and use the glass element with the dvx bayomount that I already have? I once swapped a gl1 mk2 glass piece in the dvx bayomount and it worked fine with my hmc. Anyone have any insight on this?
  4. Wtb: Dvx Or Sony Hdv Mk2

    Must be in good condition. hit me up.
  5. Wtb Xtreme For Hmc/hpx

    bump. Still looking.
  6. you could buy a spacer ring or 2
  7. Billy Bottoms 5050

    5050 on a little closeout rail in Minneapolis. Please Critique the hell out of it.
  8. Baby Promo (snowboarding)

    very cool. Can't wait to see some new kirby footage.
  9. Best Hd Setup $1500?¿

    It looks good in daylight, but terrible at night. I didnt even have to mod my dvx mk2, and the sony hdv mk2 you have to take out a ring off of the back element of the bayo by unscrewing 3 tiny screws.
  10. Best Hd Setup $1500?¿

    Not with my hmc, but on my old hpx170. It looks the exact same though. it is snowboard footage, not skate.
  11. Best Hd Setup $1500?¿

    I've owned 2 hvx's, an hmc150 and an hpx170. The hpx footage looks the best imo, but I still prefer the hmc150. Having the ability to use delete last clip is awesome and not have do deal with expensive p2 cards is worth it (once again my opinion). I use the dvx mk2 on my hmc150 now and it works, but its nothing to brag about. I would also look into the 16x9 .45 fisheye. You can put spacer rings on it to achieve the vignetted corners and it looks little bit cleaner than the mk2 imo. Don't rule out the DSLR though! A while ago, I used my hvx and a canon t2i with a rokinon 8mm fisheye. DSLR are a good backup/ second angle/fisheye/lifey cam just to have around as well if you can afford it.
  12. Og Film.

    depends on how it was stored. More than likely it's still good, but might not be perfect.
  13. I'm not interested in buying the setup, but im kinda curious about the 16x9 fisheye with 2 spacers. Do you have a link to some footage?
  14. Wtb: Sony Hdv Mk2 72mm

    can paypal whenever, lemme know.