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  1. Subscribe if you dig. Also if you enjoyed this video check out Vol.1 below.
  2. bhaze662


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  3. bhaze662

    Throwback Vol.3: Miscellaneous

    Thanks! I'm not sure if I had it on or not, this footage is pretty old.
  4. bhaze662

    Vx1000 Eating Tape

    Gotcha. If the problem continues with it unraveling tapes I'll end up sending it in to be looked over. If it is what you think with the reel hubs splitting would that be a pricey fix?
  5. My VX has recently started this weird thing where I put a tape in (whether it's new or not) and it tells me to eject the tape immediately. I then take the tape out and pop it back in and it usually works itself out and I have no more problems. Then there has been a couple of times where when I get to a spot and turn the camera back on it tells me to eject the tape so I repeat the process of taking the tape out but when I put the tape back in I can hear what sounds like the tape being eaten and sure enough I take the tape out and a little bit has been unraveled. Any ideas on what could be going on with my tape mechanism?