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  1. justin33marko


    Welcome back! Spread the word! Dig the tones in all these 🤤
  2. justin33marko

    Fs shuv

    Thanks I appreciate the love! Also that's a great idea on the he framing wish I would of thought of that when I was there!
  3. justin33marko

    Fs shuv

    Let’s get more people posting on here again!! Also any notes?
  4. justin33marko

    First invert photo

  5. justin33marko

    Vx1000 mic issues

    The mic isn’t picking up anything according to the meter. But I was curious if there was anyway that it’s not the mic but something internal with the processing of the audio. Probably just the mic though.
  6. justin33marko

    Vx1000 mic issues

    So here’s the issue, my mic has completely died but I have power running through the handle all the way to the l.e.d in the front of the handle butttt my auxiliary mic plug is not functioning either. All my connections are tight, my theory is that something is wrong processing the audio in the brains of the camera and the ears are working just fine? Anyone have similar issues? Yo Kerry@Video Electronics you still lurking these forums?
  7. justin33marko

    WSU 16 Stair Ollie

  8. justin33marko

    Nose Bonk

    Technically there was a fill flash high on my left side, the shadow is from his hat 🎩 but I see what you’re saying
  9. justin33marko

    5050 pop out

    Warm up 5050 for a back shuv out
  10. justin33marko

    Official Flash/strobe Thread

    Anyone got any tips for triggering flashes behind walls or an obstructed view? Been using the pocket wizard setup recently with little to no luck.
  11. justin33marko

    Nose Bonk

  12. justin33marko

    Backside Lipslide

    Lost my TT1 so I had to shoot this with a speedlite on camera to trigger the other lights. Just learning how to throw some light, is it normal to not be able to activate high speed sync while using the light in slave mode? Also my canon 580exii would switch to ettl from manual while in slave also. Anyway second is the lander
  13. justin33marko

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    So rad I always learn new shit on this site that’s why it can never die
  14. justin33marko

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    I let mpeg streamclip handle the compression. I’ll upload that single clip to YouTube today to show a comparison
  15. justin33marko


    Shoot you’re right I get all those little towns around here mixed up sometimes. It’s crazey that they made that park themselves!