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  1. justin33marko

    Fs Nose & Fs Crook

    I think you could of gotten a little bit closer on the krook photo so that his knee wouldn’t be hiding his face as much. But other than that I love this krook photo. May I ask what fisheye/camera combo you used on that shot?
  2. justin33marko

    Black and white Ollie

  3. justin33marko

    New Full Length

  4. its been a minute since iv posted a vid, if a mod sees this can you fix it for me thanks!
  5. yes i love well filmed 16:9 fisheye! i feel like quality work is hard to come by
  6. justin33marko

    Short But Sweet

    GUM-Delorean Highway
  7. justin33marko

    Short But Sweet

    i didnt even think about that ill consider this on my future edits
  8. justin33marko

    Skaters Do Tricks At Skatepark

    more wipes than on a toilet paper roll
  9. justin33marko

    We Have No Lean

    dont get lazy just because your at the skatepark.
  10. justin33marko

    Vx1000 Cp Settings

  11. justin33marko

    Tips For Filming With A Vx1/mk1

    i feel the number 1 best way to get consistent looking lines is to not to tilt the camera upward to much. After a certain amount of practice you'll understand the relationship of how much camera tilt is needed depending on the distance between the glass and the skater. also understanding the basic rule of thirds for filming fisheye on a single obstacle will help your composition on handrails and stairs. i recommend not free handing anything untill you get used to the viewfinder also. a tip when first trying to freehand i used was to take off the viewfinder and use the little lcd to help compose the first frames of the trick and go from there. just go out and film and as long as you watch and learn from your mistakes you'll learn new things everyday.
  12. justin33marko

    Folklore Promo