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  1. Uber legit..this use to be my cam Take it away
  2. moosy

    Wtb T2i Fisheye

    My friend is looking to buy a t2i. He just wants to find a fisheye first. So if you have one that you want to sell for a good price let me know thanks.
  3. moosy

    Canon Eos 75-300mm

    FUCK OUT im cops calling you
  4. this, text me, we got to ship soon.
  5. moosy

    Official Panasonic Hmc40 Thread

    Like this thread, hope people can contribute..im trading mine soon. Does anyone here mod there handles?
  6. Dis' Nigga hop on this shitt
  7. moosy

    Canon T2i Kit (18-55)

    How many cams do you fucking own? Also if I sell my cam I might try to hop on this.
  8. moosy


    I have one, 320? Boom goes the dynamite?
  9. hahaha fuck, honestly dont know, I really need money. It was 250 and really scarted up and I fixed it up a lot with my speacil secret haha. But its in way better condit then when I first got it.