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  1. sorry penis guy, I found a camera. Thank you everyone.
  2. I was hoping to get a body for around 400 but to be honest, the T2i at 18mp is beyond overkill for me.
  3. Hey ya'll, anyone remember me? I need a WELL WORKING dslr body. Something cheap, I'm not shooting anything legitimate, just car related nonsense. For that reason I was thinking a 1D would be cheap enough by now while still being pretty resilient to minor beating. I don't care how many scratches are on the body as long as everything functions properly. Keep in mind, I don't know much any cameras that have come out in the last 4 years but if you give me a full model name I can look up info and see if it'll be good for me. Oh and if somones got some flashes I might be interested in those too. I had the SB28's back in the day and loved those. Sunpak's were more trouble than they were worth for me. Either PM me or shoot me an email like an adult --> asitapara159@gmail.com
  4. can i buy a bayo ring for my sony vx1k to attach to my opteka death lens?

  5. hah. YUP this is what i did to my phone. Guess I'm screwed for a little while. Thank you for the helpful non-retarded posts.
  6. Why? I don't even post how does it possibly bother you?
  7. I have a mac and we can screen share...I'll pay you! It's a 3G iphone and I need it jailbroken and unlocked but I have 3.1.3 I could probably eventually do it but I'd rather have someone just take care of it for me since I have a lot of other work to do. hit me up on aim=== skatep1anb
  8. amit

    Fs: One Vx2_00 Bayo Ring

    thank you tonyhawk
  9. amit

    Fs: One Vx2_00 Bayo Ring

    This is NOT the one for a century optics lens but it is for 58mm threaded lens's, it's one that I designed and produced myself. This is the last one I will have for sometime and it will be $35 including shipping by paypal to amitsitapara@gmail.com I'm too busy to check SP during the school week so just send me an email if you have questions otherwise just go ahead and send payment and I'll mail it. If someone happens to buy it before you I will just refund payment.
  10. I have exactly one vx1 ring left and will be able to do a couple more vx2 rings. Once I start school (next week) this is all done until summer so get your orders in soon!
  11. amit

    Fs: Iphone 2g 8gb Unlocked/jailbroken

    Thanks but you can't get an ipod touch for that price why would I give you my phone for that price?
  12. amit

    Fs: 1996 Subaru Outback ($1500)

    I wish I had space for another car, this is an awesome deal! Bump for a fellow subaru owner!
  13. You all know what an iphone is so I don't need to explain things. Problems are the volume control on the side doesn't work so great but that can be worked around. Also on silent mode it keeps vibrating but the solution to this is don't keep it on silent and just turn the sound down in the settings. Works just the same. No problems that affect functionality at all. There are scratches on the back as expected but Im including a nice hardcase. PM me offers. NO TRADES AT ALL. Don't lowball me, this isn't the newest iphone but I know what they go for on ebay. I just wanna save that time.