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  1. dylanleung123

    Bs Crook And Bs 50-50

    Dylan Leung - Bs 50-50 by DylanLeung, on Flickr Marc White - Bs Crook by DylanLeung, on Flickr Marc White - Bs Crook Alternate Angle by DylanLeung, on Flickr
  2. dylanleung123

    Benihana And Fs Flip

    Mike Degroot - Fs Flip by DylanLeung, on Flickr Kyle Anderson - Benihana by DylanLeung, on Flickr
  3. dylanleung123

    Wtb: Rokinon 8mm

    Looking for a Rokinon 8mm fisheye for my T2i. PM ME if you got one.
  4. dylanleung123

    Wtb: Rokinon 8mm

    Looking for a Rokinon 8mm fisheye for my T2i. PM ME if you got one.
  5. Let me know what you guys think. I just want to know what I can improve on.
  6. dylanleung123

    Sony Pd-150 And Mk1 Setup

    it will if you buy the vx1 bayo ring. trying to sell it as a package right now but if nothing comes up I might consider..whats your offer?
  7. dylanleung123

    Sony Pd-150 And Mk1 Setup

    Hey guys up for sale is my Sony PD-150 with an MK1. The MK1 has a Scared?!? bayo so its ready for use on the camera. The camera has been great and has never given me a single problem in the about a year I've had it. I am the original owner of both the MK1 (which has only been used about 20 times since I've bought it) and the microphone so they are practically new! The only reason I'm selling it is I wanna start shooting photos as well as be able to film a few clips here and there so I'm also accepting trades for a DSLR setup. I'm asking $1000 shipped OBO I WILL ONLY ACCEPT TRADES FOR A DSLR. Along with the camera I will include: - Lowepro Computrekker Camera Backpack - Sony Capture Cam - Bescor 50/100 light w/ charger - Sony External Microphone - Sony Head Cleaning Tape Photos: http://flic.kr/p/8xmCPC http://flic.kr/p/bBdwN8 http://flic.kr/p/bBkV2z http://flic.kr/p/bBkVrX
  8. dylanleung123

    Wtb Ty2 Backpack

    what can you offer? PM ME
  9. dylanleung123

    Wtb: Vx2000 Or 2100 Pal

    still looking?
  10. dylanleung123

    Wtb: Trv900/950 Ty2

    got a mint sony pd-150 (pro version of vx2) and an mk1. interested at all?
  11. dylanleung123

    Fs: Gh2 / Extras

    Trade for a Sony PD-150 with external mic? I can add a little cash too
  12. dylanleung123

    Wtb A Vx And A Mk1

    Got a minty Sony PD-150 (pro version of the vx2000), sony external mic and a mint mk1. PM ME.
  13. dylanleung123

    Wtb:bescor50/100 With Bat And Auto Shutoff Charger

    I got a bescor 50/100 with battery and just the regular charger PM Me if your down
  14. dylanleung123

    Wtb: Vx1000 With Fisheye

    whoops mistype thanks for the correction.