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  1. MaxKollman

    Josh Matthews Bs 1 Sw K / Sw Bs 50

    dat.second.pic.damn. Nice shots dewd
  2. MaxKollman

    Cutting Kinks

    Just be cautious, get in and get out. The less time you spend there the less likely you will be caught.
  3. Filming timelapse and keying out the sky or masking
  4. MaxKollman

    The Filming Netjiot

    I have this and it works fine for my HPX.
  5. MaxKollman

    Fs Dvx100 Mk2!

    split mk2?
  6. MaxKollman

    Camera Cruiser Board.

    holy shit thats sweet. i need to do that now^
  7. i would agree with him. use fcp7 or similar.
  8. MaxKollman

    Concerts You're Going To

    lol not really asking thats the name of the band haha
  9. MaxKollman

    Editing/ Gaming Computer

    Nvidia and possibly the motherboard if theyre in good shape
  10. MaxKollman

    Concerts You're Going To

    Why? and Astronautalis in chicago on the 21st
  11. MaxKollman

    Editing/ Gaming Computer

    would you split parts?
  12. MaxKollman

    Offical Sony Vx1000 Thread

    or you can get a gs series and use the usb capturing... but i remember there being some drawbacks to that
  13. MaxKollman

    The Filming Netjiot

    ...they know
  14. MaxKollman

    Panasonic P2

    Hpx roolz