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  1. Both are in very good shape Asking 2350 shipped ObO Thanks
  2. The Flat Earth Video

    Damn doyle haha shit I still havent seen it Safe to say its not worth the cost then?
  3. :wub:

    Hahah those were dark times man Thanks for the change!
  4. :wub:

    Tuney Change my name Back to Rolf Plz???
  5. 2010 Computer Science class good timey
  6. Ive been shooting mostly weddings now and I know Im not the only one. Where John D at Old as hell almost never skate but hoping to do more this year
  7. Roommates

    Yeah be straight up with them, you gotta let them know that you run that shit and you need to get paid feel me. I would also make them pay a deposit too so they cant screw you over and just move out and not pay what they owe
  8. wussup cam Im trying to remember what I even posted up there 2 yrs ago cuz I cant see it
  9. Asking 700 for whole setup http://daytona.craigslist.org/pho/5021151727.html
  10. sometimes i think about how fine Bibbs would have new material everyday *sigh
  11. Ipad Air Brand New In Box 16gb Wifi

    I know a guy who gets them wholesale and wants me to help sell them for him
  12. I have 4 ipad airs that are 1st gen wifi only for sale Looking for 325 each shipped or 300 each plus shipping if you buy more than one can send tagged pics Text me or PM 386 214 2984
  13. Wtb Dvx Mk2

    message me have a mint mk2