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  1. Rolf


    The biggest thing with the footage you see on youtube has to due with current youtube compression and the way the editor is exporting the video. I recently exported some vx footy at 4k60p at a high bitrate just to see how youtube would handle it and it for sure makes a huge difference. Youtube hates the native 480p res and compresses the shit out of it even further creating very pixelated artifact heavy images. Vx footage should always be exported at at least 720p60 for best youtube results in my opinion.
  2. Rolf


    How about that new one coming out in September. It looks really great for the price
  3. I hear good things about the new Viltrox adapter. Just as goos as the metabones but at half the price
  4. Rolf

    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    Started a videography business with my girl late 2016, shooting weddings mostly and then some here and there corporate and drone stuff Its been goin n its paying the bills, still gettin them packs in thoo tbh
  5. tell me about the rothschilds Goob
  6. Haha always funny when that shit happens, send a rough cut to a client and they say "Looks Great send it over!" lol I was thinking the same thing about the interview, but knowing this was to be posted on Instagram I think the rules are a little different and the vid did exactly what it was supposed to do which was keep my attention. Since it is on ig and the viewer can see exactly what the video is intended to mean based on the other posts/bio/etc, I don't think the interview is necessary to better the vid good job on er get paid
  7. Rolf

    Sony 10/20 Lights

    Sony HVL-20DMA Have 2 asking 50 each shipped no battery included
  8. Rolf

    The Flat Earth Video

    Damn doyle haha shit I still havent seen it Safe to say its not worth the cost then?
  9. Rolf


    Hahah those were dark times man Thanks for the change!
  10. Rolf


    Tuney Change my name Back to Rolf Plz???
  11. 2010 Computer Science class good timey
  12. Ive been shooting mostly weddings now and I know Im not the only one. Where John D at Old as hell almost never skate but hoping to do more this year
  13. Rolf


    Yeah be straight up with them, you gotta let them know that you run that shit and you need to get paid feel me. I would also make them pay a deposit too so they cant screw you over and just move out and not pay what they owe
  14. wussup cam Im trying to remember what I even posted up there 2 yrs ago cuz I cant see it