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  1. Is This An Mk1?

    oh lord
  2. Charlotte 35mm Shots

    yeah that was some other dudes car that left right after haha
  3. Charlotte 35mm Shots

  4. Charlotte 35mm Shots

    Dusty Yauilla - bs feeble pop out Kinser Cathey - 5050 Bonus http://i.imgur.com/bQS0YSu.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OEzTy0M.jpg
  5. All hail and adhere our lord and savior Steve LaClair first of his name
  6. Pants To Skate In

    I look like a cholo when I wear dickies. I bought 2 pairs of expedition one drifter chinos and those are pretty nice and stretchy (2% spandex)
  7. Official Skate Shoes Thread

    well they look leather so I wouldnt worry
  8. Sony Vx1e

    its a hi8 camera
  9. Netjiot G

    slim fit tall tee sagging shorts nike dunks unkept hair this is you