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  1. samuelbarthelemy

    Fs/ Ft Red Nike Sb Janoskis

    35 shipped to arizona? email me samuelbarthelemy@gmail.com
  2. samuelbarthelemy

    Nike Sb

    15 shipped to arizona? email me samuelbarthelemy@gmail.com
  3. samuelbarthelemy

    Post Your Dslr Setup!

    my setup.. canon t2i kit lens and opteka fisheye 6mm the swandle and thats about it for now.
  4. samuelbarthelemy

    First Skate Picture With My T2i

    wasn't auto mode... i had made some adjustments. the reason for the angles, is because i didn't know the people who were skating... i was just sitting down.... and pulled out my camera... i thought it would be kinda weird if i just got up all close and personal and started snapping pictures... that and i thought the lurkers kinda gave a feeling to the scene, like a bunch of homies just skating... I will have to try some different angles... I appreciate all the constructive criticism. this was my first photo with the camera.. so yeah... I will post some more up as soon as i have them...
  5. samuelbarthelemy

    First Skate Picture With My T2i

  6. samuelbarthelemy

    First Skate Picture With My T2i

    i was in tucson and saw a few kids skating... first skate picture... tell me what you think...
  7. samuelbarthelemy


    dude what you should do is ask people for their ebay account profile... and see if they have some legit reviews bought or sold... if they haven't bought/sold on ebay, then more then likely they arent very legit... I mean im sure almost everyone has sold, or bought something on ebay... its a good way to see how people are.... just a tip.
  8. samuelbarthelemy

    Making A Video? Need Copies Made?

    Noticed your site was down. If you need hosting I can set you up with a ftp account and sub domain at my site, skater4life.com Free of charge, no strings attached. Just let me know. I don't really use my site, so I would like to help you out.send me an email if your interested its my username on this forum, @gmail.com
  9. samuelbarthelemy

    A Good Deal On A Opteka Platinum Series 37mm 0.3x Hd Ultra Fisheye Lens

    Photos posted
  10. samuelbarthelemy

    A Good Deal On A Opteka Platinum Series 37mm 0.3x Hd Ultra Fisheye Lens

    id like to keep it to the US, just because... what if you dont like it, and then you want to ship it back. then i have to give you your money back... plus... idk how much shipping is to europe... but im pretty sure its more expensive then just in the US... If you wanna pay shipping then, sure....i guess.
  11. I know i dont have 500 posts, and i did read the rules for this thread. none mentioned (helping someone out on here with a good deal instead of getting screwed by a nigerian on ebay. its been happening more and more often) anyways i bought this lens on march 2 from oceancamera... I used it 4 times, its in perfect condition... I was just getting back into filming with my zr960, (sold on ebay, luckly to a person in newyork and not nigera) I bought a t2i and just bought a opteka fisheye for it.... so i'm selling the 37mm one i have. it will also come with 2 (NEW in Plastic) sony premium minidvs (as i have them and no longer need them). $85 shipped and here is my ebay profile with reviews ( http://myworld.ebay.com/wasupwithuman ) and you could say well thats not him, so if you dont believe me. on that page, press contact member and i will respond to you through there... i will post pictures of it, if this thread doesn't get deleted, so let me know... and mods like i said i read the rules and it didnt say anything about this, so PLEASE delete this thread if it is against them. Thanks. Samuel
  12. samuelbarthelemy

    New: Fs & Wtt Threads In Wtb

    lMAO is this guy serious ^
  13. samuelbarthelemy

    Wtb Handboard

    correction... if you film handboarding your gay... just messing around them is actually kinda fun... it's the equivalent to trying to do tricks while sitting down.. (just a way to pass time.)
  14. samuelbarthelemy

    Just Got My T2i

    yes i saw some of those threads, but i didnt see anything regarding crappy footage (i read about choppy, but thats cause the computer.) My footage was just pure crap looking, and i have a very nice mac... so i knew it wasnt the computer... and i got my answer. So if this thread bothers anyone that much feel free to delete it...
  15. samuelbarthelemy

    Just Got My T2i

    its cool, i did try to search the forum but i was getting an error.