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  1. Been learning more photo stuff in the last couple of years. Made a couple of zines. Started processing film at home. Set up a darkroom in the basement. Bought a bunch of cameras. Trying to go on more trips. Need to get a haircut.
  2. wheelbite

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  3. wheelbite

    Night life

    Thanks! These were shot with a Canon AE-1 with the speedlite flash.
  4. wheelbite

    Night life

    Couple images from a recent zine.
  5. I got sober 3 years ago. I skate way more than I did for the last 6 years. Filmed a video part which I haven't done since I was 16. Built a darkroom at my house and shoot as much film as I can. I mean, I work in a restaurant, but I'm enjoying more of the stuff I was missing out on.
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    My Mid 20's Mid Crisis !

    why is it so hard getting older? its a midstery.
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    kids are such haters
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    Nigel lol
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    Lol This Website Sucks

    woah rly??
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    Netjiot G

    god damn i fucking love master p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggNymSJ52Fw