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  1. I usually deinterlace the clip before using dropbox to get it onto my phone https://www.instagram.com/p/s3IXJnxG4b/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAyYtDvRGws/
  3. uploaded this a few weeks back and forgot to post it here film/edit: Dan Rusin & Shane Brown
  4. what exactly about the quality do you think is bad? does it look sharper on the computer before uploading or something? looks like every other vx vid on youtube to me; I just think you need to work on your exposure a bit.
  5. my own part in my own video. my video partner put me as last part. I hate promoting myself. film: Shane Brown edit: Shane Brown/Dan Rusin
  6. my own part in my own video that premiered a few months back. my friend who I made the video with put me as last part. I hate promoting myself. film: Shane Brown edit: Shane Brown/Dan Rusin
  7. DanRusin

    How To Make Crappy Looking Intro Credits.

    if you're in school you could probably use a scanner there. there's free open-source photoshop alternatives out there; I've used GIMP and paint.NET but you might need to do some research on what will work on your computer (I use a PC). also it might help to use a thick marker and write everything way bigger than you think you need it. use the whole sheet of paper if possible. it's easier to scale down than to scale up.
  8. DanRusin

    Loose Mic On Vx2000

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  9. DanRusin

    How To Make Crappy Looking Intro Credits.

    literally hand-write it! you'll have to each title several times, making sure it's a little different each time. maybe use your non-dominant hand or get a scooter kid at the skatepark to write a few. scan all those into the computer, remove background in photoshop, then go crazy editing everything together. There's probably a more efficient way of doing it but that's the first thing that came to mind.
  10. DanRusin

    Capturing Issues.

    in Sony Video Capture (I think that's what it's called) there's an option somewhere to capture the entire tape, which doesn't recognize individual clips. if you go to the advanced capture tab you can select in/out points of each clip, then name and log them. then you can batch capture, which works best if your timecode is intact.
  11. film/edit by myself and Shane Brown
  12. I've been making videos with my friends for 5 years. clips from Suburban Skittles, Street Loafers, Street Loafers 2D, The Joy of Skating, and The Quilt