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    I don't know how you sit through more than a few minutes
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    2 Pairs Of Cons (size 10)

    I have 2 brand new in box Converse one star ox (1 black, 1 red) size 10 that are too big for me. $70 brand new but I will sell for $55 each including shipping anywhere in the U.S. I live right outside of downtown LA so if you want to meet up $50 flat a pair. Text me for a quicker response (443) 975-4013 Will provide photos when I am by a computer or text me.
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    I've been living off free pizza for the past week. Rad edit doggy
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    Wtb: Vx1000 & Mark1

    443-975-4013 schweems@comcast.net
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    Film Burn In 2016

  7. Hey guys, Just recently purchased a Canon 7D in order to have a faster burst rate, so I am selling my beloved T3i. With the T3i comes a Canon 50 1.8, Battery Grip, 4 batteries (1 OEM), 1 dual battery charger, 1 single battery charger (OEM), neck strap, 32gb Extreme 48mb/s SD card (great for video and pictures) with Magic Lantern installed (can remove upon purchased if requested), and a lightly used Tamrac shoulder bag. My loss is your gain. Ready to shoot out of box! $425 OBO ***CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY*** t3i_01 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr t3i_07 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr
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    Microphone, Polaroids, Wireless Printer

    Printer sold bump
  9. Hey guys! Next week I am moving to California and came across some items I no longer need or use and am looking to sell them here before resorting to eBay. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, and all prices include shipping and insurance anywhere in the United States. Reach me on my phone (443) 975 4013 Email schweems@comcast.net or pm First item for sale is a brand new Canon Pixma ip110 Wireless Portable Printer [Retail for 159.99] Had intentions to use it last semester while away at school, but ended up bringing my desktop printer. I opened the box to ensure everything was inside and haven't touched it since. $120 SOLD Printer_01 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr Polaroid Spectra 2 Ran 2 cartridges of Impossible through this and realized I didn't use it as often as I thought. $15 Spectra_02 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr Audio Technica AT875R w/ Windtech wind muff, Pearstone shock mount and xlr cable [$230 Retail] Recently purchased an HVX and this beauty was included. Sold the camera but still have the mic and have no use for it because I do not have a preamp and am already using an MKE400. This thing is in pristine condition and worked flawless the one time I did use it. Also comes with case. $200 AT875R_01 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr Lastly I have a Polaroid Instax 210 that I no longer use because I have been shooting with a polaroid back on my mamiya. Purchased brand new in August for $90 and ran 2 cartridges of instax through it. $50 Instax_210_01 by Bradley Weems, on Flickr There are multiple images of each item on flickr if you click through. Thanks for your time
  10. Wassup, Looking to see if anyone on here would be interested in trading a 7d setup for my t3i set up (body, batteries, charger, battery grip), plus some dough on my end (depending on what all is included). I also have an audio technica at875r xlr mic with pearstone shock mount and wind tech wind muff and some flash's, super 8, brand new wireless printer and polaroid camera(s) I could mix in for the trade. Looking at the 7d for the higher fps, so I figured to anyone who doesn't use burst too often may be interested. Shoot me a text (443) 975 4013 Email schweems@comcast.net or PM Thanks dudes -Bradley
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    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Looks like the photo you posted has a broken link, would you be able to repost it? Much appreciation