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  1. Jayoolian

    New Setup, Panasonic Hvx200

    I just sold my last GH2 setup and was given the opportunity to buy an hvx200 at a good price for the amazing condition that its in and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help lead me in the right path filming wise? I have owned 2 Dvx's in the past as well as a vx1k and this is my first time using a camcorder in years since my vx1000 so I'm going to be a bit rusty and going to be fisheye less until I buy an xtreme. I have been watching Ride Channels tutorials as well but any advice, scene files or basic settings that anyone out there would like to recommend would be great!
  2. Jayoolian

    Hvx200 And Xtreme Fisheye

    Would you part the fisheye? And how much if possible?
  3. Jayoolian

    Panasonic Gh2 Video/audio Quality Help

    Get Juiced, huge thanks man! You really helped me out, my quailty is looking probably a million times better now. I just need to find better videomic pro settings and i'll be set
  4. Jayoolian

    Panasonic Gh2 Video/audio Quality Help

    The quality could be a lot better when I upload to youtube. I always render at the highest quality.
  5. Jayoolian

    Panasonic Gh2 Video/audio Quality Help

    What level do I set my mic to with my camera's settings? Where can I find a tutorial for the hack?
  6. Jayoolian

    Panasonic Gh2 Video/audio Quality Help

    I personally prefer the cam caddie pro ex because of the amount of attachment options it has. But thanks man, I really appreciate the advice. I love the gh2 and has been working wonders for me so far but I really want to get the most out of the camera. I just hate how when I upload videos to youtube the footage is all pixalated. Vimeo has managed to keep the quality luckily so I just might upload shit to there from now on instead.
  7. My current setup is a Panasonic Gh2, rokinon 4/3rds fisheye, cam caddie pro ex, and rode video mic pro. I have been filming with this camera for almost 2 years now and I have messed around with video settings quite a bit but just haven't been able to get the crystal clear quality that everyone seems to be getting on youtube. If anyone has any advice/suggestions I could really use the help! And I was also wondering if anyone new what settings Nigel K. Alexander uses for his videomic pro?
  8. Jayoolian

    How To Do This Effect?

    How do I produce the vx vignetting effect at 4:06? I currently have a panasonic gh2 with a rokinon fisheye.
  9. Jayoolian

    Century Mk2

    hahahahahah oh shit thats funny
  10. Jayoolian

    The " How Do I Do This Effect" Thread

    how do i do this at 3:26?
  11. Jayoolian

    Dvc30 For Gl2

    come on now... you honestly think that hes gonna have this setup 4 years later?
  12. Jayoolian

    Century Mk2

    Did it actually get hit a lot? just curious
  13. pictures would make me wanna buy this more
  14. Jayoolian

    New Fisheye?

    Maybe it is an xtreme but they didnt use rods or the quality is really bad so it makes it hard to tell... idk its just a huge fisheye in general haha
  15. would you sell them? if so ill buy