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  1. eatyouromletfool

    Dvx100b Sups Cheap.

    yo mark, let me cop this for the low.
  2. eatyouromletfool

    Dvx100a/opteka Setup

    split dvx?
  3. eatyouromletfool

    Vx1000 For Sale Or Trade

    trade for vx2000?
  4. eatyouromletfool

    Eazy Handle V1 & Peleng

    PM me about the peleng, can i get pics of both?
  5. eatyouromletfool

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    I really need one soon. Text me if you have one that you are willing to sell for a good price 919-770-2683
  6. pm me if your interested in a trade for a vx. its not fresh back from ve but ive never had any problems with it and ive had it for over a year.
  7. eatyouromletfool

    Mint Dvx100a/mk2

    no trade for vx1000?
  8. eatyouromletfool

    Dvx100a With Low Hours

    i have a vx1000.. i saw you had a video posted with a vx so i doubt your wanting to trade
  9. eatyouromletfool

    Wtb: Vx1000 With Fisheye

    ive got a vx1 with a opteka death lense. pm me if your interested.
  10. eatyouromletfool

    Some Clips I Had Stashed Away On My Computer

    bump, can i get some subscribers? haha
  11. eatyouromletfool

    The Homie Video

    that shit was tight
  12. so my youtube account got deleted and i have no subscribers or anything so if you like this and would subscribe that would be great, thanks
  13. eatyouromletfool


    yeah haha 72 hours of community service isnt fun either..
  14. eatyouromletfool


    yeah, theres no parks where i live and ive been arrested twice for skating so its kinda tough to skate good spots where i live but thanks for the critique
  15. eatyouromletfool


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U9bKVzwUow completely forgot the link,fml. here it is.