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  1. That's the post I expect to see before the return of Bulletpimp, or the start of a school shooting.
  2. This is true, my penis is small. However, I do not feel that this is a vapid pissing contest. I think it's more or so a gathering place for SP members who are interested in automotive culture to discuss it. I rather post photos of my car, in a thread of people who share a similar interest, than photos of myself fucked on some strangers couch in a thread with no context. Please don't shit on this thread, as it's one of the few things I have left. Also I bought a 2002 Sentra, that I'll be scooping up on Saturday. #fwdwinterbeaterpeoplecarrier #seeyouinsixmonthsbmw

    Fine Bibbbbbbs

    Wait, where is this information available? Did mods lose the power to moderate the forums when it switched themes? Is this why the cancer that is THL runs so rampant on the forums?

    Fine Bibbbbbbs

    PIN THIS SHIT! We cannot afford to have it buried under all of goobz posts.
  5. I'm sure everyone asks the same question when you post, bruh.
  6. Bruh, I said I got gogurts in my napsack
  7. You're just inescapable because you've congested SP so much with your diary postings. It's okay Gooby, we're going to beat this anterograde amnesisa and find the man who killed your wife. I'm here to help. I've got gogurts in my backpack.
  8. I think from the sheer amount of neurochemial energy required for gooby to fire an action potential between his six remaining neurons, he feels the need to share with these thoughts with the world. He's like Leonard in Memento; if he doesn't post things immediately to a skateboard forum, he'll forget them forever.