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  1. kyrannnF

    Fs: Fuji X100

    Selling my beloved X100 pictured here on the left. It's in perfect working order, comes in the original box, and includes an extra battery and a fancy brown leather case. Will send more photos if interested. Email kyranford@gmail.com or text 323-580-6512 if interested or for more info. Would be interested in trades for EF mount lenses...
  2. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    I guess the u wasn't enough without orange text.
  3. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    No. And your post does't start 982 for all accounts. I see all the way back to bosco's post.
  4. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    u mean the movie set
  5. kyrannnF

    Memphis Plairs

    My homie. Sup?
  6. kyrannnF

    Memphis Plairs

    Out here doin Tennessee thangs
  7. kyrannnF


    Thanks, man! These were just shot with the X100. No cropping to any of them actually.
  8. kyrannnF


    Thank you very much, dude! I appreciate the feedback.
  9. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    I figured it was a sign you still had some petty forum beef. No big deal yo
  10. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    lol r u chines?
  11. kyrannnF


    Dude, you don't know how stoked you just got me. Thank you. I have been slacking for a while but am getting motivated on shooting again. I've been buying more books and reorganizing my archives for this year. I'm seriously just now sifting through and seeing for the first time hundreds of photos I shot in 2014.
  12. kyrannnF


    Then you must not have ever seen one.
  13. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    Check out Oxford's Centre for Neuroethics. Neuroscience of morality.
  14. kyrannnF

    Random Photo Discussion

    The best though was Steve's epic ollie off that loading dock in 09. My nigga michael is actually an imposter. Steve's the one who made people reconsider.