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  1. Frank.

    People Of Sf

    Nice. I like the last one the best, but try to get closer.
  2. While I was waiting for a few hours in the train station ( Boston South Station ) this guy named Larry Christiansen brought this entire setup to the middle of the station where you see here, him playing everyone. Camera: Canon A1 Film: Kodak 400tx , self processed What do you guys think? I would have like it better if I timed it with his hand on a piece in mid play, but I guess you cant win them all.
  3. Frank.

    Wtb ; Ty 2 Large Divider

    As title says, im looking for a large TY 2 divider. Trade for $$ PM me if you can help me.
  4. Frank.

    Stickers For Sale

    I have some stickers for sale. paypal via gift only. Prices include shipping. Thanks $1 BUSENITZ SHIELD $1 VANS SMALL $2 HUSTLE FEED DGK $1 IN-N-OUT BURGER $2 EXPEDITION 1 MATCHBOX $1 SMALL SHORTYS STICKER $2 ANTI HERO BEER SLEEVE $2 SHAKE JUNT GREEN/YELLOW $2 ADIDAS (MEDIUM) STICKER $1 BUSENITZ BOOZE AND TITS $1 JSLV HOOKS $1 'ALIVE' $1 JELLY-O' $1 'YOO-GOO' sitckers1 by jmcFRANK, on Flickr stickers2 by jmcFRANK, on Flickr stickers3 by jmcFRANK, on Flickr stickers4 by jmcFRANK, on Flickr stickers5 by jmcFRANK, on Flickr
  5. Frank.

    Nose To Fakie

    It might be hard to tell by the photo, but there is a chunk missing from the wall and my friend had kinda nosebonk/grinded it to fakie.
  6. Frank.

    Macba Lipslide / Sants Nosegrind

    SIck. What were your settings at in the first one?
  7. Frank.

    Nose To Fakie

    Nosegrind to fakie x3 flashes left- Nikon sb-600 @ 1/4power Right- x2 flashes Nikon sb-24 @1/4 power , Sunpak 555 @1/4 power ___ C&C , How would you have shot this?
  8. Frank.


    Just a mouse
  9. Frank.

    Frontside Bluntside

    Frontside Bluntslide of my friend Brett Farrell. - C&C , and how could imprive my lighting? Thanks
  10. Frank.

    Vasilli 3-flip

    What do you guys thinks
  11. Frank.

    Effiel Tower Tre - Alternate

    This photo is cool. I like where you placed the skater and the tower.
  12. Frank.

    Infherrhed Trhee

    Cool photo, I like that its in black in white, too.
  13. Frank.

    Need To Buy A Camera

    or D70
  14. Frank.

    Crook And One Foot Thing

    I really like the first one, what was your camera set at, and how did you get the motion blur behind the subject?