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  1. James.M

    Jump Ramp

    Would have been rad if he was perfectly framed in the sky between the trees. Overall good photo everything seems on point. Like you said a change in time of day could have made it better.
  2. James.M


    The lines in this are nice and the reflection is super rad. Maybe a bit tight though not sure? Could have shown the rest of the ledge on the right side of the frame, but that's nit picking though. Good work !
  3. James.M


    I've got a tt1. Never had issues with hyper sync on my D200, was able to get 1/2000th+ easy, but as soon as i got my D3 i havent really been able to get above 1/500th without banding ..
  4. James.M

    Ollie Over Rail

    lighting looks real nice ! i think would have been better to move the frame to the left a little, with less of the wall on the right.
  5. James.M

    Fs Indy / Treflip Rewind.

    lumey and sb's Yeah i see what you mean, well its not really a skatepark. its a 13ft ramp next to a playground in the most random place haha so its already pretty strange.
  6. James.M

    Fs Indy / Treflip Rewind.

    I guess I was being pretty lazy aha..
  7. James.M

    Fs 5-0 & Bs Boardslide

    definitely like the second a lot ! good stuff
  8. James.M


    Second one is rad ! just wish i could see a tiny bit more landing.
  9. James.M

    Fs Indy / Treflip Rewind.

    Haha, my bad, fixed. Thanks man ! Thanks !!
  10. James.M

    Fs Indy / Treflip Rewind.

    Shot Kingsley !
  11. James.M

    Fs Indy / Treflip Rewind.

    Frontside Air. by james.marson, on Flickr (Self critique - Really should have moved those bags) Tre rewind. by james.marson, on Flickr (Self critique - Kinda awkward to figure out what hes doing if you dont know the trick? not sure..) Couple of newish ones that I havent posted. Both park photos but havent really had the chance to go anywhere else recently. Let me know what you think ! thanks guys.
  12. James.M

    Beginner Questions

    oh ok, i might just get the third party one and save myself the money. Thanks for your help man !! greatly appreciated .
  13. James.M

    Beginner Questions

    What brand did you get ?? You think its worth buying a nikon one over a seagull one off ebay for example ?
  14. James.M

    Beginner Questions

    Anyone have any experience with right angle viewfinders ? specifically aimed at nikon here, like the DR-4/5 vs the third party ones ? Did you find it beneficial with fisheye photos ? I often find myself snapping my neck when getting really low lol...
  15. James.M

    Ollie/frontside Wallride/front Blunt

    2nd and 3rd are sick, especially the lines in the 3rd. where is the spot in the 3rd photo ?? haven't seen that one before .