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  1. I didn't realize how cracked out/genius this whole thread is until now
  2. On Some Real Shit

    drive ur audi to nyc and sleep in my living room
  3. Does Anyone Here Make Music?

    new track! https://soundcloud.com/kpin144k/nap-time
  4. shrek just kept goin deeper and deeper and deeepr
  5. Caption This Meme

    when it's her first time getting nutted in her mouth and she dont know what to do
  6. Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    bro nike are 16 cent made pieces of shit wtf are u saying?
  7. Does Anyone Here Make Music?

    new shit https://soundcloud.com/kpin144k/32secondz
  8. gratefulness trumps humbleness imo pride is cool man, like be about urself and about the shit u do u got that rari? take a pic and post on insta and get some whores like fuck humility as long as u know that it can be worse and u give thx and are grateful u all good homie
  9. i joined in like 08 or 09 i think but made a new account becuase tunebomb wouldnt change my username lololoolo
  10. N E T J I O T ∞

    you poor fuck lmaooooo just get a 6
  11. Does Anyone Here Make Music?

    new beat i made today used only vst and no samples except single drum hits and vocals https://soundcloud.com/kpin144k/waverly-place
  12. Buying Skateperception

    so basically im daddy?
  13. realistically how much do you think one would have to spend to buy all the rights to skateperception? if i bought this site itd be the next jenkem bruh