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  1. tbh idk what's more embarrassing. you lying about writing this, or you actually writing this
  2. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    how daft are you
  3. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    i wish we could still have signatures
  4. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    fucking LOL
  5. DVX100Filmer


    this is a gold post I'm fuckin weak lmao
  6. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 history.

    your description is so innacurate it's hilarious. I'm an open book whatever anyone wants to know I'll tell them the truth. but yeah you're just flat wrong. try again my guy
  7. lol I feel bad even rebutting to this
  8. i can picture goob just sitting at his computer drooling on his keyboard refreshing sp over and over for years hoping that the link wouldn't be broken on the next refresh
  9. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 history.

    i havent actually felt bad for someone being delusional in a long time. thank you for helping me get back in touch with my emotions goob.
  10. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 history.

    I was mid argument with him when I said that, I retract my statement he's actually a cool ass dude
  11. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 history.

    bro you asked me for ketamine on Instagram shut the fuck up
  12. DVX100Filmer

    VX1000 history.

    I know the kid that started jenkem. his name's Ian. he's from the same rich suburb as me and weirdly enough we live in the same hood in Brooklyn. that being said he's kind of a tool.
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    someone send that tre flip nose manny to weck. that deserves an episode of manny busters.
  14. what a cringe fucking comment LOL
  15. DVX100Filmer

    HPX170: Using Auto Focus when filming lines w/Xtreme

    bruh always keep that shit in manual focus and use a high enough aperture so that it's always in focus
  16. still on hard drugs i see, nothing changes
  17. DVX100Filmer

    Waiting For The Man

    this post is a lie because nyu freshman aren't allowed to live off campus. next!
  18. DVX100Filmer

    VX audio on hd cams

    peep the knowledge. are y'all sick of that boomy mids, no highs, sounds like ya skating under water type of sound that comes from hd cams? I got you a fix. so boom step 1: aquire raw vx footage. no music just skating. some shit where you hear that audio and you relax your anus muscles because it sounds that good step 2: import that vx audio into your favorite DAW such as Ableton, logic, pro tools, etc (I know all y'all make beats) step 3: import the raw skate audio from your own personal edit with no music step 4: using a plug in called "ozone" (I think it needs to be version 6 or above) made by izotope record some sample audio from the vx clip. step 5: then record a sample of your HD booty sauce audio. step 6: use the eq matching feature in ozone and boom daddy you got yourself some crisp ass audio. step 7: adjust thresholds and dry/wets enjoy
  19. DVX100Filmer

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    lmao I forgot about this dude. I could totally picture him working for some undercover weird shit like that. that dude was so into tech shit
  20. if you tap them they do cool things
  21. DVX100Filmer


    oh wow my account is back lololol