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  1. brendanruch1

    Random Photo Discussion

    I think I just lived for the first time. It's minty.
  2. brendanruch1

    Over The Barrel We Go

    I agree with what they said, but he's also not in focus, and his hands are motion blurred.
  3. brendanruch1

    Random Photo Discussion

    He even added me... and I only lurk this thread. strange. and he goes to my college.
  4. brendanruch1

    Whats The Best Fisheye To Get For An Hmc40

    Damn, that was a good one. All (terrible) jokes aside, go with an fc-e9 or Brandon's 43mm. If you can find an mk1 screw that'd be tight as fuck but the fc-e9 performs better on the hmc40. Less CA.
  5. brendanruch1

    Random Photo Discussion

    talk to trevor raab, pretty sure he likes it a lot but it is pricey.
  6. brendanruch1

    Natural Locations/ State Parks In Pa/nj/ny

    Would you guys want to head up to Rickett's Glenn, take photo's there/hike then go to World's End? There's some awesome lookout points in World's End that would really show the changing of the leaves.
  7. brendanruch1

    Natural Locations/ State Parks In Pa/nj/ny

    You guys ever hear of Ricketts Glen state park and Worlds End state park? They're in Sullivan county and make for a great day trip
  8. brendanruch1

    Natural Locations/ State Parks In Pa/nj/ny

    What part of PA are they in Jay?
  9. brendanruch1

    Canon 7d Setup

    Bump before ebay. throw any offers.
  10. brendanruch1

    Mirrorless Camera System

    I have the panasonic gx1 and 14mm pancake and I enjoy it. You will have to put up with quirky things with all of these cameras, because none of them are perfect. I'd consider panasonic and olympus due to the fact that they already have an established line and there is a variety of micro 4/3 lenses to choose from rather than the nikon system.
  11. brendanruch1

    Random Photo Discussion

    Hm, I kind of figured that, but idk. It's not like I have my heart set on SF or anything, I just want to be in a rad place with cool people in California.
  12. brendanruch1

    Random Photo Discussion

    Does anyone live in SF or northern California? I'm trying to find a nice place to reside for a year where I can live at a reasonable rate (for california, anyway) so I can become a citizen. Anything would be great.
  13. brendanruch1

    Boardwalk Shots

    I'll bump this once then I'll let it die.
  14. brendanruch1

    Bronica Backs

  15. brendanruch1

    Boardwalk Shots

    Bonus: Masked Drummer Boy http://www.flickr.co...uch/7540721218/ Perfectly Restored VW Bus http://www.flickr.co...uch/7540721106/ Monkeys Hanging Out http://www.flickr.co...uch/7540721158/ Religion... http://www.flickr.co...uch/7540721074/