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  1. Dylanhughes

    Urban Decay Premiere Promo (vhs)

    Thank you all. If you look 4 posts above this, in the promo's section, you can see the full video.
  2. Dylanhughes

    Urban Decay (full Vhs Video)

    Thanks dude. And thanks for helping me figure everything out with the camera too.
  3. http://theskateboardmag.com/urban-decay-full-video-2015/
  4. Dylanhughes

    Urban Decay Premiere Promo (vhs)

    I know, man. Fuck it lol. J.Casanova would be the one to call me out on that. Panasonic GR AX400, Step down ring, Baby Death.
  5. Dylanhughes

    "tropical Depression" Vhs Montage

    JVC-GRAX400, Step down Ring, 37MM Baby Death. Heads on the JVC are 43mm.
  6. Dylanhughes

    Anyone Know A Good Vhs Setup?

  7. Dylanhughes

    Anyone Know A Good Vhs Setup?