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  1. djelmo3

    Any One Want A New Xbox 360

    imm onlyy asking for 200 with 5 games
  2. djelmo3

    Nike Sb Blazer Sz 9

    ill give you 15 bucks and shipped
  3. i live in la how much would you sell it too me like right noww
  4. djelmo3

    Sp Tour Promo 1

    thatss alll tooo funny hah
  5. djelmo3

    Sell Me Your Nikon/bronica Glass

    any one have a a cam i really want to buyy oneee
  6. djelmo3

    Wtb At&t Phone

    i have a new iphone 2g for 150
  7. djelmo3

    Yugioh Cards.

    dudeee i have alot of carddss
  8. djelmo3

    Yugioh Cards.

    dudeee i have alot of carddss
  9. djelmo3

    Rhode Mic/tony Hawk Ride

    howw much for the mic bump
  10. djelmo3

    *~*big Sale*~*

    how much would you sell me the board like right now ill take itt
  11. djelmo3

    Nike Sb Shoes + Hats + Camera Dolly

    ill give you 65 for the shoess and shipped
  12. djelmo3

    Nike Sb Koston High

    can you get me any type of sb
  13. do you have any games for xbox to sell
  14. djelmo3

    Skate 3 Xbox360

    anyone have any other games to sell
  15. djelmo3

    Yugioh Cards.

    i have like almost everycardd pm
  16. djelmo3

    Wtb: Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2

    how much are you asking for i really want it for xbox
  17. djelmo3

    Iphone 3gs 16gb White Unlocked!

    i live in la how much would you give it up for because i dont think you can sell it for very much becuase of the new iphone 4
  18. djelmo3

    Fs: Macbook 13in

    how about 750 + ship to la
  19. djelmo3

    Kenko Fisheye Lol

    40 bucks with shipping or i have to pay for that too
  20. djelmo3

    Iphone 2g 16gb

    heyy dudee i been looking for a iphonee how much are you asking for pm
  21. djelmo3

    Skate 3 Xbox360

    yea how much are you asking for
  22. djelmo3

    Wtb: Xbox 360 Setup

    i have a new xbox360 with 5 gaamess only asking for 200
  23. djelmo3

    New Cd From The Roots

    i love thiss new cd its the bestt
  24. djelmo3

    Ram For Sale.

    how much are you ASKING FOR PM ME
  25. im selling a new xbox360