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  1. JohnP

    Feeler: Hmc40 For 7d Or Gh1

    I am extremely interested. I have a MINT Canon T1i, All original packaging, 3 lenses. Vivitar 550FD flash, battery grip, cash, old film cams that are rare and cool looking and MUCH more. Please PM back, as this would make my life . (PS: I know youre probably not interested but i have a sony trv330 i would throw in as bonus, as well as a camera bag and deviders. Much other randoms as well as a possible nintendo wii)
  2. JohnP

    Vx1000 Trade Or Sell

    i have an UBER MINT T1i pics for pm. also like 5 sd cards of various sizes, i have no need for them. PM IF INTERESTED.
  3. JohnP

    Wtb: Baby Death

    Not trying to be a troll but there is a want to buy section
  4. JohnP

    Wtb: Ty2

  5. JohnP

    Little Tiny Hairs?

    sorry i need to clarify: it is SLIGHTLY visible in live. but the lens seems to be about 50% of the problem. The mirror is about 50% as well, i just cleaned them both off and i think i have resolved this as the lens. But ill go for anything atm. I recently got my 7D so im just trying to clean my T1i for resale purposes now.
  6. JohnP

    Wtb: Canon 35mm Slr.

    Ill get money pretty soon, selling a T1i
  7. JohnP

    Little Tiny Hairs?

    I dont know if i have replied to this, but its a couple. and Lens changing makes only a little difference, which leads me to believe its on the mirror. yes, viewfinder and live. and no, not every pic. And were you always a mod?
  8. JohnP

    Little Tiny Hairs?

    Ill be sure to look into this. thanks, but i came into birthday money and the money ive been saving and came out with a 7D <3 haha
  9. JohnP

    Meade 1000mm Telescope Lens Xd

    This is "Everything else" and am i not correct when I say "The Gallery" is for "Showing off" your pics? So in everything else what should you "show off" ?
  10. JohnP

    Leaving For College Sale Thread

    pm'd back dawg
  11. JohnP

    Backlip And Fiveoh

    Im likin the bonus boardslide man.
  12. JohnP


    I love the colors, but i think hes giving the camera the finger haha
  13. For my birhday i got my 7D (finally) and my meade telephoto!!! The lens was only like 70 on craigslist. Thank you craigslist The flash is unnecissary, just too look cool
  14. JohnP

    Front Crook

    I was about to say the same thing, well put, buddy
  15. JohnP

    Kickflip Transfer

    Its supacrisp, it just feels good to look at what glass/lens are you using?