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  1. JordanWarne

    land on my face

    This is sick, timing is perfect. Cool trick too
  2. JordanWarne

    I became a slide film whore

    really into the last 2! How long was the exposure in the second? Psyched to see your still shooting
  3. JordanWarne

    Stylus Epic

    First is super sick! Yeah i found almost half the shots with my stylus epic were out of focus. I just have a minolta maxxum 7 now with 50mm and find it so much better and its not too big to skate around with. I got the minolta cause i have a sony dslr and can use my lenses on it but a nikon f100 or canon eos 3 will be just as good.
  4. JordanWarne

    what's up with your website?

    Some sick shots in there! Here’s mine www.jordanwarne.com Do you guys think it’s better to have each different shoot on it’s own page or better to have a mixed gallery of all types of shots together eg Fashion gallery, Landscape gallery etc
  5. JordanWarne

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone know any cool photographer feature websites or instagrams? Similar to https://www.booooooom.com/blog/photo/
  6. JordanWarne

    Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone of you dudes live in hawaii or have been over there before and can recommend some cool stuff to do an places to see that aren't overly touristy. Will be on the main island for a week and maui for a week, Any recommendations appreciated! xoxo
  7. JordanWarne

    Toe V.v Submission Thread

    Almost forgot about this. Where I Live: This is one of the headlands right near my house. There is a bit where u can jump off into the ocean and then u swim through this really cool cave into this sick little pool, then you gotta climb up these ropes to get back up. We recently stole a bunch of golf balls from this driving range and have been going up there and hanging out and smacking golf balls. Good timessss Skate: Here is my friend jake doing a wallie out of a bank over a bar. Thing is really scary in real life and the drop is pretty big on the other side, I suck and made it look real small. Portrait: Here is my friend Chris being a Menace II Society Optional: Here is this horse i give an apple to almost everyday on bike ride to work. Its super cool and only has one eye
  8. JordanWarne

    T R I P P Y

    2nd is cool
  9. JordanWarne

    Tre Flip, Ollie, Front Nose

    Front nose is sick!
  10. JordanWarne

    Random Photo Discussion

  11. JordanWarne

    1 Year Old Roll

    First two are tight!
  12. JordanWarne

    Hawaii Holiday

    These are all epic. Hawaii looks like the best place ever.
  13. JordanWarne

    Wallie Backsmith

    I reckon this is sick! The light streak make its look cooler imo and you can still easily tell that he's doing a bs smith.
  14. JordanWarne

    Filmerhands Photo Ads

    Both look sick! What film are they on?