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  1. Index familia shredding the new vandergriff park comment subscribe critique thanks for the watch!
  2. Texas rippers shredding this park, comment, subscribe, critique thanks for the watch!!
  3. 23flavorssss

    More Texas Shredders

    there ya go
  4. Couple more clips I filmed of some homies at the park, watch, comment, critique, subscribe, thanks!
  5. My homies park is in rebuilding right now but here are some of the last clips I filmed there, index skateshop homies killing it. watch, comment, subscribe, critique please and thanks for watching
  6. thanks for watching subscribeeeeeeeeee
  7. old clips that wasnt used in the index video of my friend mark roberts peep this comment and subscribe thanks for watchin homies
  8. 23flavorssss

    New Camera Test Footy

    thanks man appreciate it!
  9. comment and subscribe thanks
  10. 23flavorssss

    Minute Of Raw Footy

    on ebay***
  11. 23flavorssss

    Minute Of Raw Footy

    no but you can buy it onebat right now for 800
  12. my homie brett reddell holdin down, comment and subscribe thanks
  13. thanks man, yeah its cus i have the older version of the 2000 so it doesnt focus well in dim conditions
  14. 23flavorssss

    5 Clips Biotchhhhh

    comment and subscribe thankssss