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  1. xxevan95xx

    Friends Who Quit Skating

    3 of my friends moved out of state and 2 other friends quit to join other sports. only 1 of my friend skate's and its my little brother, but he just started.
  2. xxevan95xx

    Fog Longexposures

    there all pretty good. i like the bonus the most.
  3. xxevan95xx


    wow all 3 of them are nice pictures, and the colors are amazing.
  4. xxevan95xx

    Havent Posted In A Bit...

    both 1 and 2 are pretty sick!
  5. xxevan95xx

    Tom 5050 5 Block

    it's OK.... you should of took the picture at the bottom of the steps. and maybe a bit earlier.
  6. xxevan95xx

    Summer Stuff

    the first one is pretty good.
  7. xxevan95xx

    Monkey Arms

    yah farther back would be good
  8. xxevan95xx

    Monkey Arms

    it's a good picture, you should of gotten closer or farther back.
  9. xxevan95xx

    Inspiration Thread

    Yoon Sul Scott Pommier Most photographers on SP are good and inspiring.
  10. xxevan95xx

    John Gardner - 5-0 Pop In

    Nice! photo, Great Job!
  11. xxevan95xx

    Bout Time

    there all great.they all have amazing color, i like the second one the most. Great job!
  12. xxevan95xx

    3 More Photos

    there ok , i like the first one but the color kind of messed it up :\ the bonus is good.
  13. xxevan95xx

    Random Photos

  14. xxevan95xx

    More Nikonos

    there all pretty sick