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  1. whats up guys. long time no see anyways i dropped a full length this morning
  2. S P V I D E O

  3. filmed and edited in a day made it as a promo for some stuff the homies clothing brand put out a few weeks ago cbnc.us
  4. Camera Stock Sale!

    i got $90 on the 72mm fisheye
  5. edited and animation by me filmed by the lil homie mark santuyo
  6. Sf Edittttttttttttttt

    yeah my friend filmed those clips it was overcast then it cleared up
  7. tbt to a year ago c: dvx100 / vx1000 / sony handicam hi8 filmed by me / jesse meza / kane caples
  8. Half An Edit

    youll hate it or think its okay El Mirage skatepark in AZ filmed/edited by yo boi
  9. Schoolyards And Boulevards

    dont stretch your aspect ratio!! 4:3 that was tight tho also try tweaking your focus so the lens scratches arnt so visible i live in LA santa monica high and that school in hollywood are tightt haha but what school is that @ 4:00 !? also just alittle long for my attention span lol
  10. Waves

    that wasnt too bad def wavy
  11. 3 Four Lokos

    damn man, you da best (,:
  12. A Trick You Keep Breaking Boards On

    putting my board in the trunk
  13. 3 Four Lokos

    thanks! <3