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  1. I have a Bronica sq-am laying around that I've never really used. Got it in a trade on here a while back but need the money now. Also have 80mm 2.8 lens, 220 back, and prism finder. I'll post pictures as soon as i get the chance. The camera is in pretty nice condition besides some scratches, only external stuff that doesn't affect the workings of it. Really trying to get $400, but I'd knock a chunk off the price if you hit me up ASAP.
  2. KyleCochran

    Rokinon 8mm

    Looking to sell my standard Rokinon 8mm Nikon mount. Had it for about two years, probably still have the box and everything. good condition, no scratches, works fine. not looking for too much.
  3. KyleCochran

    Pool, Barrier, Vert Wall

    Fs Carve Fs Ollie Fs Tailblock
  4. KyleCochran

    Ed Templeton

    who cares how he does it really? its his thing dont go trying to copy it if you know what im sayin
  5. KyleCochran

    Shindig Skateboards

    ...as if posting anywhere on this website will help promote Shindig at all. ha.
  6. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    no thanks pm'd
  7. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    any takers at $350?
  8. KyleCochran

    Beginner Questions

    yeah I'm probably going to go with the bronica if i can get the money for one. I'd rather shoot square for sure but i wouldn't mind 6x7. thanks guys.
  9. KyleCochran

    Beginner Questions

    I'm looking to get an MF setup and ideally i'd like to get a Bronica Sq-a outfit. My other option is the Mamiya Rb67 but from everything i've seen/read its a lot bigger and heavier than the bronica. Has anyone used that Mamiya that can tell me whether or not it really is too bulky to be a good handheld camer? I'll be using it for skating/portraits/landscapes/etc.
  10. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    C'mon dudes
  11. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    Don't think so man. Pretty firm at $400 but I'd consider coming down. If anyone's got a better offer let me know.
  12. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    Really nice condition. sorry for the crappy pictures. not sure how to find shutter count
  13. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    Definitely trying to get $400 for this guy
  14. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    Definitely trying to get $400 for this guy
  15. KyleCochran

    Fs/ft: Canon 40d Body

    Looking to get rid of my 40d body to get a MF set up. If anyone's got a MF setup to trade hit me up. If not throw me an offer. I'll post photos soon. Selling body with generic battery and canon battery (short life) and charger.