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  1. sittingduck422

    Vx1000 Blue Bars When Shutter Speed Is Above S60

    Thanks Parker. I hope Kerry replies. If not I guess I'll shoot him a pm.
  2. I've never seen a vx problem like this before so I though I might see if anyone here knew what I'm up against. So my vx works fine on s60. But the second I switch it to s90 or higher I get these blue bars on the left side of the screen (they show up in the viewfinder and on the footage). The bars get longer and brighter the higher the shutter speed. I have a feeling I'm going to have to get it repaired so if anyone recommends a cheap/good place to send it off to, please let me know. Example photos:
  3. I'm willing to trade all of this for a mk1 (possibly one with some scratches). I'm fine with sending first and feel free to check out my ebay account feedback: http://www.ebay.com/usr/sittingduck422"]http://www.ebay.com/usr/sittingduck422 DVX100A works 100% firewire and all. Captures and records great. Only body wear is on the handle (where I think the previous owner scratched someones name/address off) and below that on the camera where the paint is wearing. It comes with the original charger, original battery and one 3rd party extended battery. Also includes the lens hood and a 72mm Opteka .3x fisheye. Sorry, It didn't have the lens caps when I purchased it. Is has a very small scratch on the lens you can see in the photo. Also, I've included footage filmed and captured using this camera to show the lens in sunlight. http://youtu.be/bflJQjZwyYs
  4. sittingduck422

    Jvc Gr-hd1 Or Vx1000?

    I never said the vx1000 sucked. I mean its a great camera but you can get so much more for the money that a vx1000 would cost. The thing is if you get a hd camera you wont have to upgrade. You'll be set for another 5 years. If vx7filmer really wants a vx1000 he should get it but if he actually wants hd then the vx1000 is just a wast of time. Last time I checked Fortunate Few was asking way too much for his camera. P.S. Have you ever uploaded to youtube? The quality turns to shit. Thats why I added the vimeo video.
  5. sittingduck422

    Jvc Gr-hd1 Or Vx1000?

    DON'T GET A VX1000! That camera was made in 1995 and is way out of date. If you’re going to invest a lot of money into a new camera you might as well get something that isn't obsolete. I would recommend getting the JVC GR-HD1. I got mine for only $640 which is less than most used vx1000 on ebay. This is a video I shot with it a few days ago. Don't forget to click 720p. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKpQdAjw9B8 I didn't shoot this video but I think it shows the cameras quality very well. http://vimeo.com/13043638