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  1. Slow mo in Premiere

    I don't but when you change speed in premiere you have to pick a method of time interpolation. I'm assuming it wouldn't kick in if their wasn't a lack of frames but I'm not sure. I'm slowing 120 fps clips in a 24p timeline so there is sufficient frames to take it all the way down to 20%
  2. I'm just switching over to Premiere and I'm wondering if I'm editing slow mo, and I have a sufficient amount of frames (footage is 120fps). What method of time interpolation should I have checked. A lot of people say to use optical flow but I have enough frames as it is
  3. 2814 - Montage

    Love it
  4. Does skating look sick on vx mk1? fuck yeah but dealing with SD footage and DV transfer is only going to become more of a pain as time passes. No need to have the newest shit but I like to have a time tried camera thats still on the modern side. P2 storage can be a hassle in its own right.
  5. DSLR Long Lens

    Thats a really good idea about 4k. Lately I've been thinking a lot about just not zooming in LL but who knows maybe a HMC is in the future
  6. Michael Mijares Lost Street Edit

    Sick. Makes me miss the vx
  7. DSLR Long Lens

    Anybody have cool techniques for shooting long lens on a dslr. I've been using one about a year and by the thing I miss most about using a VX is having a zoom trigger.
  8. Los Angeles Montage

    Thanks man!
  9. Went out to Long Beach for a bit last month to help my friends film for a video and this is just a edit of some throwaway clips and park stuff. Mostly skating around LA, LBC, and Orange County.
  10. I'm trying to letterbox some HD footage I have into 4:3. What dimensions would I want the 4:3 to be if I were cropping down from 1920x1080? Any help is appreciated
  11. 'round town

    color on the first one is so sick
  12. "Overtime" Teaser

    Sorry for the overload of questions but is that just like a matte or a letter boxing plugin to make the square frame around it? Thanks again
  13. Got a bachelors in digital media, still living in New York and taking skate trips to the west coast when possible? Thinking about moving out to San Diego, any SD filmers on here?
  14. "Overtime" Teaser

    oh wow how did you filter that stuff? I've been looking for a non-corny way to filter b-roll clips