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  1. On 4/1/2018 at 5:34 AM, Tee_Beun said:

    The Sony e-mount (mirrorless) system has got a few good options for filming long lens. 
    I got the Sony a7s II with the Sony 18-105 f4 power zoom lens (APS-C). The lens has an electronic zoom and zooms very smoothly when turning the zoom ring. Also it has a little zoom rocker on the side of the lens. The lens doesn't extend when zooming. 
    Because it's a powerzoom lens, you can use an external remote plugged in to the camera to control the zoom. I got a GP-VPT1 grip (as shown on the picture) which has a little zoom rocker. I also have a cheap fotga remote (RM-VS1) which also has a zoom rocker. 

    A great combo with the sony 18-105 lens is the Sony a6300 APS-C body, because it has great autofocus for video. IMAG0333.thumb.jpg.1b6babdf94cc5ffa3482e73104459b76.jpg



    Wow really good suggestions.  I already have a a6300 so I'll definitely look into that grip.  This looks great

  2. Has anyone on here filmed with this camera or any other XA models?  Some dude on Slap said he was using one with a mk1 and it piqued my interest for sure cause I'm still running a dslr but I really want a good long lens camera again. Specs are a lot sicker than the hvx/hpx too

  3. I agree with Steak on the white balance for sure.  If you're filming in Jerz in March, it should have a cold tone.  If I'm filming in New York I want it to look like New York, in California I want a warmer tone. Also the colors of the architecture make a big difference.  Architecture in NY is generally colder colors than say California or Florida. 

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  4. On 2/13/2018 at 3:13 AM, Steak said:

    id say use frame sampling if your not planning on slowing it more than the frames needed if that makes sense. if you're editing in 24 then you should be able to slow ur 120fps footage to 25% without needing to use any other interpolation option. :D

    Yeah that makes sense. Thanks.  Sickhead was a super sick by the way loved it

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  5. 15 hours ago, phineas said:

    Why would you want interpolation ?

    If you shoot at 120fps you can reduce speed at 50% without interpolate frames.

    I don't but when you change speed in premiere you have to pick a method of time interpolation.  I'm assuming it wouldn't kick in if their wasn't a lack of frames but I'm not sure.  I'm slowing 120 fps clips in a 24p timeline so there is sufficient frames to take it all the way down to 20%