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  1. Ok so I'm looking to import p2 footage from my hpx into adobe premiere. My issue is that the only way I know how to do it is to import the entire contents of my p2 card. I'd like to get the non usable footage off my hard drive and rename my good clips but apparently you can't change anything in the cards file structure without corrupting it? Does anyone know of a work flow that will let me catalog individual clips rather than a whole card? I know a lot of filmers use this camera with fcp7 and log and transfer but there has to be some people running premiere and this workflow is just totally nuts. Any help would be super appreciated!
  2. JonPlarr

    Hpx170 questions

    Export the video in 30fps. If you want the option to slow mo shoot in 60fps but export it in 30. 30 Looks way better. I can't remember but I think on a hpx if you shoot 30fps you can shoot in 1080p.
  3. JonPlarr

    hpx170 settings

    Yeah I'd say just export 30fps. regardless of how its shot. that way you can have nice slow mo and good regular clips. full videos in 60 are so smooth its gross looking. Strobeck definitely shoots in 30 though because you can see the frame dragging in his slow mo stuff
  4. JonPlarr

    DSLR Long Lens

    Anybody have cool techniques for shooting long lens on a dslr. I've been using one about a year and by the thing I miss most about using a VX is having a zoom trigger.
  5. JonPlarr

    JVC GY-LS300

    Wow that looks extremely valid, Could be a good way for skating to move on from 720p and still have regular long lens zoom
  6. JonPlarr

    DSLR Long Lens

    Wow really good suggestions. I already have a a6300 so I'll definitely look into that grip. This looks great
  7. JonPlarr

    Berkeley Montage (4:3 HD)

    the 4:3 looks so cool. what are your sequence dimensions when editing and do you have to scale the footage up at all?
  8. JonPlarr

    Canon XA30

    Has anyone on here filmed with this camera or any other XA models? Some dude on Slap said he was using one with a mk1 and it piqued my interest for sure cause I'm still running a dslr but I really want a good long lens camera again. Specs are a lot sicker than the hvx/hpx too
  9. JonPlarr

    HD setups with footages

    That Pastel video is a DSLR setup for sure.
  10. This footage looks good. Do you film in 1080 60i and throw it in a 1080 60p timeline or is this 720p60 upscaled to 1080?
  11. JonPlarr

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    kickflip is great
  12. JonPlarr

    Glass V.1 - Montage

    yooo I was super psyched to see Transworld is hosting a series from you. Well deserved, your edits have provided a lot of inspiration over the years
  13. JonPlarr

    LUCY - Montage

    I agree with Steak on the white balance for sure. If you're filming in Jerz in March, it should have a cold tone. If I'm filming in New York I want it to look like New York, in California I want a warmer tone. Also the colors of the architecture make a big difference. Architecture in NY is generally colder colors than say California or Florida.
  14. JonPlarr

    4:3 HD - Montage

    That looks great. what fisheye were you using
  15. JonPlarr

    SP Montage - Interested?

    I'm down to submit some HD New York footage
  16. JonPlarr

    Slow mo in Premiere

    Yeah that makes sense. Thanks. Sickhead was a super sick by the way loved it
  17. I'm just switching over to Premiere and I'm wondering if I'm editing slow mo, and I have a sufficient amount of frames (footage is 120fps). What method of time interpolation should I have checked. A lot of people say to use optical flow but I have enough frames as it is
  18. JonPlarr

    Slow mo in Premiere

    I don't but when you change speed in premiere you have to pick a method of time interpolation. I'm assuming it wouldn't kick in if their wasn't a lack of frames but I'm not sure. I'm slowing 120 fps clips in a 24p timeline so there is sufficient frames to take it all the way down to 20%
  19. Does skating look sick on vx mk1? fuck yeah but dealing with SD footage and DV transfer is only going to become more of a pain as time passes. No need to have the newest shit but I like to have a time tried camera thats still on the modern side. P2 storage can be a hassle in its own right.
  20. JonPlarr

    DSLR Long Lens

    Thats a really good idea about 4k. Lately I've been thinking a lot about just not zooming in LL but who knows maybe a HMC is in the future
  21. JonPlarr

    Michael Mijares Lost Street Edit

    Sick. Makes me miss the vx
  22. Went out to Long Beach for a bit last month to help my friends film for a video and this is just a edit of some throwaway clips and park stuff. Mostly skating around LA, LBC, and Orange County.