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  1. mattthedR

    Which Handle?

    Yeah, I think I'm going to opt out for more of a cage style.
  2. Anyone ever had this issue? My switch keeps getting stuck in the off position and it's a bitch to turn on. Not sure what to use to loosen it up?
  3. mattthedR

    Which Handle?

    Something like this? http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb324/hdvideoshop1/hdvideoshop1002/1250a_zpsf7404cae.png
  4. mattthedR

    Which Handle?

    Has anyone used a smaller hotshoe handle? I'd like to keep my rig down on size for skateboarding, but it seems a little sketchy having it only held on by a hotshoe mount
  5. mattthedR


    That's a really cool spot. Did you try a shot from the bottom by that tree?
  6. mattthedR

    Jimi Hendrix Tribute

    It took me a moment to realize there was a skater, but this ones super cool regardless.
  7. mattthedR

    Front Board

    I have trouble with that camera too, looks good man!
  8. mattthedR

    Skate Jawn

    The caveman could've been cropped a bit more, but I like em'
  9. mattthedR

    Fs Noseslide

    This would be perfect if it wasn't an ass shot, that's a weird trick to shoot
  10. mattthedR

    360 Flip And Back Tail

    Pretty sure I know him from Bakersfield, haha.
  11. mattthedR

    360 Flip And Back Tail

    Is that Ronnie?!
  12. mattthedR


    The security shot is sick, haha
  13. mattthedR

    Cinema / Filmmaking Netjiot

    Can anyone give me some info on RAW with the 5d? I guess I just don't understand it really.
  14. mattthedR

    Best 5d3 Fisheye?

    Yeah it was the Zenitar, anyone have experience with this? The 8-15 is a bit high for my price range.
  15. mattthedR

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    Actually, the Panasonic LX100 looks amazing. Might be able to pick a used one up for the same price as a m2.