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  1. Long time since i've been on here.. Just listed my 10.5 Fisheye on ebay. If anyone is interested here is the ebay link: NIKON 10.5 trust youre all keeping well.
  2. Easy SP, first time i've been around for a long while. I need the PC5H cable so i can eventually connect my hassy up to my PW's. Before you say it, NO im not buying it from B&H or Adorama or anywhere like that because they seem to think it will cost me over $50 to ship ONE little cable over to me in England. absolute bullshit. The only UK PW stockist is completely out of stock for at least 2 months and I need this cable NOW! Willing to pay a healthy price for one in good condition.. hell, it may even be worth you Yanks selling me your cable and then buying a new one from BH.. i bet you dont have to pay FIFTY FUCKING DOLLA to get it shipped. Anyway heres the exact cable im looking for incase you have no idea what im on about: PocketWizard Hasselblad Long Tip To PC to Miniphone Cable 5 Inch Coiled PC5H
  3. I know i said i have no idea on pricing, but i know its worth more than that. this isnt a 30 year old 500CM setup with wear and tear, this is an 8 year old, like new Hassy setup that ticks all the boxes and works flawlessly from the best person to buy hasselblads from ever. Also forgot to add, its got the Acute-Matte D 42215 screen, new style WLF, and the rapid wind crank. OH and front and back caps for the body too!
  4. price range, ehh tbh i have NO idea. If people could shout out offers that would be great.
  5. Long time boys, hope everyone is all good. Photography unfortunately is a dieing hobby of mine, and i need the money, so reluctantly, im gonna throw this up and see what the interest is like. Bought this 'Blad from David Odess; Google him if you dont know him, but he's probably knows more about Hasselblad's than anyone. It was the most expensive and mintiest one he has at the time and it sure cost me. Body is chrome - 2001 model lens is an 84 but i cant stress to you how mint it is. all the numbers on the dials have no fading / rubbing at all. looks absolutely brand new. back is the newest kind, i think its a 2001 model too - also chrome, matching back with darkslide? (is that what its called? im so rusty..) Everything is in fully working order, everything has boxes, and it will also come with a genuine hasselblad cold shoe mount, a genuine hasselblad spirit level, a genuine hasselblad lanyard and a genuine hasselblad camera strap! Also comes with a genuine hasselblad filter for the 80mm CF. Any questions are welcome, Im not completely sold on selling this (see what i did there?) but it is sitting around not collecting dust because its in its box! Will get proper pics up if anyone wants one, but here it is pictured with my D300.
  6. [quote name='Harvey' post='2824127' date='Dec 15 2008, 02:14 AM']I really doubt this is going to be updated anytime soon, i rarely ever see clue online anymore.[/quote] guess whos back..
  7. clue


    woah dude good thinking.. it didnt occur to me that sony would continue making more video cameras after the VX2100
  8. clue

    Please Vote =)

    voted. thanks for voting in chloe's competition thing... fuck what has SP become.
  9. Is that your girlfriend in that thong there eric? Chloe's a cool girl and vote for her otherwise i'll eat your cucumber and leave none left for your bothers and sisters.
  10. Vote for my girl. KUBI: she'll get naked if you do.
  11. clue

    Nike Dunk

    you can if you look hard enough
  12. clue

    Area 51?

    that alien 'interrogation' video made me lol, firstly he looked exactly like the main alien from the star wars cantina band, and secondly because after a few minutes he just spazzed out and threw up? hahaha