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  1. So i just got a ps3 slim 320 gb for christmas , and i set it up and noticed the AC cable wont go in whole the way [ insert sex joke here ] Im just wondering if this is normal or if my ps3 has a mistake done in it , and no xbox is better stupid childish fanboy comments here please. I rely need some help here! thanks.
  2. JacobSundell

    How To Do This Effect?

    Got it , thanks!
  3. JacobSundell

    How To Do This Effect?

    Ahh it's a plug in that costs Any other way?
  4. The one @ 0:11 , ive seen it in milions of edits just cant find a tutorial or for it... Help please?
  5. JacobSundell

    Opteka Light

    I still prefer the bescor 50/100
  6. JacobSundell

    They Have Got To Be Kidding

    But boy would u need strong super glue... Maybe some ductape too , Get urself a mino it's "HD" and costs like 170€ ithink , ihave one its decent , i dont use it , but im pretty sure that was a joke. It would feel and look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeely retarded filming with that setup where the fisheye is like 2 times the weight and lengt And i think the vig would be like looking through a keyhole Or maybe it would be so legit even some bigtime companies like lakai or nike would use the setup .idk.
  7. JacobSundell

    They Have Got To Be Kidding

    http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=...9008&ref=mf looks decent
  8. JacobSundell

    They Have Got To Be Kidding

    Haha , ninja lens. What next the 360° bruce lee fisheye? It's most likely another of optekas wierdass ideas . Looking forward for the comparison! i bet lot's of stupid youtube kids are gona bye that shit and glue it onto theyr flip cameras , and then film flatsessions Legit.
  9. JacobSundell

    Well Well Look What I Found

    ikno but the quallit i got when cc and renderign well is far better than anyhting on youtube
  10. JacobSundell

    Well Well Look What I Found

  11. JacobSundell

    Well Well Look What I Found

    oops wrong thread
  12. JacobSundell

    Well Well Look What I Found

    I just recently found this old camera that my mom used to use , its a Sony DCR-HC85e its a 3chip camera with 37mm threads , i put my death lens on it , its not to wide but im getting 2 spacers for it i took a few photos of the camera but i don't know how to insert them into this post , so just google the camera . My old mx20 got a bad hit so i think i might be using this one from now on , before i was thinking about getting the gs150 but now that i found this im most likely use it depending on what u guys think So google the camera and tell your thoughts about it and btw it uses tapes
  13. JacobSundell


    Yeah heres the link
  14. JacobSundell

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    Damn that shits legit , be sure to post some test shit on ytube when u get it , cant wait! i wana se the difrense with longlens and with the rokinon...
  15. JacobSundell

    Once Again

    luckyyy i get to choose nothing new until 8th grade