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  1. FLskater626

    Ayo There Goes My Bayo

  2. just cop'd da dvd the other night, can't wait for it to get here
  3. FLskater626

    Ripndip Shirt

    gone locally
  4. FLskater626

    Fs: Vx1mk1

  5. FLskater626

    Fs: Vx1mk1

  6. FLskater626

    Fs: Vx1mk1

    Whatsup guys, I've decided to sell my camera since my macbook died and I have no funds of getting a new one at the moment. The vx1 isn't in the best shape externally but works great. i haven't seen or had any glitches in the year that i've owned it. there's a small dent on the front of the mic (right housing) but it doesn't affect the sound at all. It's also the jap version. the viewfinder is also stickered on i believe (i haven't removed the stickers or even noticed them being there) The mk1 is in great condition aside from 2 slight scratches that hardly ever show up in the footage. i don't have either caps, but the dude i bought it from made me a front cap that works just fine. you can buy legit caps from century for about $75. Included in the sale: Jap Vx1 Mk1 160 led light 3 og sony batts 1 aftermarket batt aftermarket charger 5 sony premiums canon 200eg backpack FOOTAGE- I'll send tagged photo's upon request. Only trades i'd be interested in would be a x100. WOULD PREFER NOT TO SPLIT, but I will for the right price. PM me for any further questions, thanks.
  7. FLskater626

    Wtb Vx1000

  8. FLskater626

    Wtb: Vx1000 Mk1

    how much are you trying to spend?
  9. FLskater626

    Assignment 39 Voting

    3pts-JackoABCDEFG 2pts-JordanWiens 1pt-aaronmcnevich
  10. FLskater626

    Fine Skate Thread

    josh roberts does it again
  11. FLskater626

    Assignment 39

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCT1BuNXoNU&feature=youtu.be vx1mk1
  12. FLskater626

    Ripndip Shirt

    4 $20 u can haz
  13. FLskater626

    Ripndip Shirt

    friend got me it, tried it on and wasn't feeling it. still have the plastic it came in. i'll send you tagged photo's upon pm. size medium looking to trade for 35mm film, but will be open to offers. edit: oh yeah, i'll sell it for $20 shipped.
  14. FLskater626

    At Large