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  1. bump bump can't get on at school cause this site is giving a bunch of malware viruses off!
  2. curlz

    Some Recent Stuff

  3. curlz

    Skate Jawn

    skate jawn, fuck yeah i remember the 5-0 in the zine, that spot is something else
  4. curlz

    2 Pairs Of Cons (size 10)

    do they run big? I'm interested but I'm wearing a size 10 in an emerica shoe. and are they leather?
  5. curlz

    Some Recent Stuff

    a 24mm focal length could look better than a 50mm, i agree but i'm still not opposed to the 50mm lens
  6. curlz

    Some Recent Stuff

    thanks they're a bit off, i'd choose to keep them if i had too but like you said i'm going to downsize accurately next go around; in the darkroom i like the look of the filed out negative carrier I'm shooting 50mm focal length because the lens covers basically as much as the human eye. Why do you ask? Do you think i could benefit from shooting with a different focal length? Appreciate it
  7. curlz

    Some Recent Stuff

    bonus 1 & 2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/paperplatecult/25897492000/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/paperplatecult/26170335455/in/dateposted-public/
  8. curlz

    [] <> []

    thanks for all the feedback, i realize my scans have dust and other issues with them just too lazy to fix that in photoshop for the post to sp. should've fixed them as soon as i scanned
  9. curlz

    Nick Keys & Pat Carmody

    the first spot in west philly is so fat , hell yeah
  10. curlz

    Random Stuff

    just some random stuff need 2 take more portraits
  11. curlz

    I Hope Ur Summers Lots Of Fun

    oh yeah they are a bit crooked maybe the perspective in the third, thanks for the response