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  1. backs1de

    Videos With Clips Of Flashes/lights Being Hit

    Lol the girlish scream at the end made me laugh so hard....
  2. backs1de

    Camera Bag Thread

    Just got my new dakine mission photo, finally no more crappy small nikon bag! I can fit everything in there and it doesn't say "steal me im a camera bag"
  3. backs1de

    Tripod Recomendation Please...

    I think i'm gonna save up and get the one you recommended you are right after reading some reviews on that other manfroto it seems its made for point and shoots and doesn't hold DSLRs with heavy lenses very well. Thanks DanielJC i was actually looking at that one but i really want something with a ballhead, pan/tilt is too restrictive in angles from my experience. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!
  4. backs1de

    Tripod Recomendation Please...

    Sadly most of the security guards at the schools i go to are old or fat so i have plenty of time to gather my equipment and walk briskly lol. I hope they never get golf carts... ps. Why Do You Capitalize Every Word?
  5. backs1de

    Russian Photos

    beautiful pictures....cant wait to see the rest.
  6. I'm looking for a decent quality affordable tripod, something under $80 and been researching a few brands, most people tend to recommend Manfroto and Slik above all other brands but i would like the forums opinion. I want something that is not wobbly when legs are fully extended, not too heavy and as compact as possible (attached to back of backpack) so i can easily run while being chased out of a school by a security guard =) Ive been eyeing this Manfrotto 785B is the pistol grip just a gimmick? can someone suggest something better around the same price? Thanks guys! ps i know i mispelled "Recommendation" in the topic name =p
  7. backs1de

    Fast Flashes That Are Affordable.

    I just got into off-camera lighting and and bought 3 vivitar 285HVs on ebay for $100, make sure you check the whole site not just the photography sections, i found mine under "Electronics" and nobody was bidding on them, things get placed in wrong sections all the time. Good Luck!
  8. backs1de

    Fisheye And Flash's

    Awesome website, lots of great info on other action sport photography topics. Thanks!
  9. backs1de

    Vivitar Instantly Satisfies Everyone

    sarcasm (plural sarcasms) 1. (uncountable) A form of humor that is marked by mocking with irony, sometimes conveyed in speech with vocal over-emphasis. Insincerely saying something which is the opposite of one's intended meaning, often to emphasize how unbelievable or unlikely it sounds if taken literally, thereby illustrating the obvious nature of one's intended meaning. 2. (countable) An act of sarcasm.
  10. backs1de

    Vivitar Instantly Satisfies Everyone

    im thinking of going film and ditching digital, is this camera compatible with my Vivitar 285HVs i don't seem to see a hotshoe adapter on the commercial.
  11. backs1de

    Should I Sell My Vx And Get A Photo Camera Setup?

    Go for it! but i agree with aaahhh, it makes it a lot easier. I took a few classes at the local college about photography before i got into skateboarding photography.
  12. backs1de

    Photographic Composition

    Really helpfull thanks!
  13. backs1de

    Official Flash/strobe Thread

    I recently bought 2 Vivitar 285HVs off ebay (only$70 for both! yay) and one is made in Japan and the other in China, im guessing the japan one is the older original and china the reproduction one right? On the Japanese one the green ready light would never turn on when fully charged so i took it apart and noticed that there is 3 adjustment screws on the board, i found the one that adjusted the ready light and it works now! If anyone else has a problem with their green light not turning on i found an easier way to do it than taking the whole thing apart. The "Use vivitar SB-4..." sticker can be carefully removed to expose the 3 adjustment screws, very carefully/slowly adjust the one right above the ready light while the flash is on and charged until it turns green and thats it! Hope this helps anyone who is annoyed by little things like this like me
  14. backs1de


    Never heard of Keh.com thanks alot!