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  1. Ripping the bowl in South Jordan, Utah.
  2. New Dvx200

    for real? haha yea ill pass. i dont even have 5 grand to my name
  3. New Dvx200

    for real. id be down to spend the money for one if the lcd on the handle wasnt there and if it could fit an extreme. either way, i think im set on finding out what the new balance guys used to make the VX-4000 video that was recently released
  4. East That Pussy Like A Monster

    i figured so. I think it works well with the lyrics in the song... words like war, pistols, flashes n all that shit. plus the song title is monster
  5. East That Pussy Like A Monster

    Thanks G, much appreciated. I personally like to watch an edit that is less serious and made to be funny in some sense
  6. East That Pussy Like A Monster

    haha thats tbank for you
  7. New Balance- Vx 4000

    fckin yep
  8. Circa Tour- Utah

    ya i just get sketched cause i dont wanna bust this vx1. i dont care about my HD cam tho haha
  9. New Balance- Vx 4000

    fuck yeah dude. i want to have this capability, whatever camera it is
  10. New Balance- Vx 4000

    i dont care dude it doesnt matter, skate website for skate shit.
  11. whatever you wanna say just say it but im not getting paid to make these so dont expect fucking fully flared out of me