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  1. matter

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    Go to the top right corner of the page, under the "Add Reply" and "New Topic" buttons and click the "Options ▼" button, go down to "Display Modes" and select the "▷ Standard" setting.
  2. matter

    Fs: Janoski's, Beanies, And Hats

    only mods can ban people. done and done.
  3. matter

    Official Generator Topic

    there's nothing fancy about totas, or the bulbs they run. All they are is some wires and a couple fixtures in a pretty housing shooting some current into another wire inside a glass tube filled with gass. The lights themselves have no dimming function or anything else that really requires specific voltages more-so than +/- 10v (probably even +/-20v). The only thing that might happen is the bulbs would burn at ~95% brightness or something, that is of course if you can stand to stare directly into them. Half the stuff I own says 120v on it, and the other half says 110v, yet when checked with a multi-meter my outlets are something like 115v. You'll be fine.
  4. matter

    Woodward Week 7 Montage

    check out the twixtor AE ramp slo-mo technique.
  5. matter

    Color Correcting Footage

    nooooo please don't do that. more to the point.
  6. matter

    Buzzing Sound

    ^^ On manual, but don't leave it on one position forever. Treat each spot, even each skater to some extent, differently. But there's nothing definitively indicating that this is your problem, and it most likely isn't.
  7. matter

    Color Correcting Footage

    The built in LCD on your camera is shit. Even on high-end prosumer cameras they're not comparable to a purpose-built camera mountable monitor, and not even those compare to reference monitors used in studios. In my opinion the best thing you can do is get a properly exposed, white balanced, focused, and framed image in-camera and worry about the colour tone in post. Even a basic 1-way colour corrector will do a better job than anything your camera can do. Ask yourself this question: "where do I intend for people to watch X project?" If the answer is on the internet or anywhere on a computer colour correct for your computer screen. If the answer is a television patch your computer through your capture cam to a decent television and use that as your monitor and correct to that. In either case you won't get the best results, but it seems like you don't have wads of cash to throw at the problem. Camera manufacturers, at least in the area of consumer electronics, want you to think you're hot shit, and that you can get the best image evar out of some dinky little $250.00 camera. The lcd on your capture cam will always look more saturated, and always look clearer because it's down-res'd for display. I don't know if any camera can even show a 100% zoom/full res image in camera. In any case unless your camera can shoot progressive frames it'd be better viewed on a tv. you'll notice the quality is closer to what you expect it to be. edit: It seems you're using quicktime 7, and if that's your default version of qt, then you're probably on OS X 10.5.x at most. Up to OS X 10.5.x the screen gamma was 1.8, ie lighter than what it should be for viewing video and film footage. OS X 10.6.x displays at gamma 2.2, which is correct for video and film (TVs display at 2.2), and as such your stuff will look at least a bit better (darker, richer) by default.
  8. matter

    Click Clique.

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the critique on the portrait of onjay, but I'm of the opinion that the lighting reflects his expression.
  9. matter


    #1 is sick as hell. I've got a bunch of cars around my place that are covered with stuff like that. Totally get the vibe. #2 looks neat but it seems too "lomo" for my tastes. #3 I just don't understand, that and the wb being set/or the colour temp just working out for the gps lcd seems way too weird, like it's the focus or something.
  10. matter

    Click Clique.

    Someone around here must have something original to say about these.
  11. matter

    Road Kill

    ditto. seems like it would've worked better shot straight down from above. the double yellows are distracting and only seem to indicate the proximity of the squirrel to the centre of the road, something that seems trivial as there is clearly asphalt beneath the squirrel. maybe fill the frame with the animal as this is a rare example of real death. not what most are used to in video games. also framing the way you did, with the animal so marginalized, could carry some metaphorical value, but the inclusion of the lane lines appears to make them the most important thing in the frame, also possibly a metaphor, but I have my doubts.
  12. matter

    Boyscouts Are Cool

    2. is good but, as many others have said, it is crooked. I like the gaps and how this is not your average parking garage, but get it level. 3. is sick. reminds me of a few dolly shots in this.
  13. matter

    I Drink Your Milkshake

    dirty negs = art. #2 is ok.
  14. matter

    Click Clique.

    onjay /o/ landscape /o/ /o/ .1.2.
  15. matter

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    ask yourself two questions before asking something like that again: can you squish wax between your fingers? how about a rock?