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  1. dcappetta

    Vx1000 Milford Park Video

    milford represent!
  2. What is asking price for everything?
  3. dcappetta

    Fs Hvx200

    interested in trades? i have lots of canon/photo gear i could offer you
  4. dcappetta

    Fs Vx1000 W/ Mk1

    interested in trades at all? i have a lot of canon/photo gear.
  5. dcappetta

    Fs: Vx1000mk1 Setup

    damn. if you're going the canon/dslr route, hit me up i have too much stuff and i want a video camera again. I know you aren't necessarily looking to trade, but i have some stuff i think you may be interested in
  6. dcappetta

    Fs: Vx1000mk1 Setup

    trades for dslr/canon gear? PMd
  7. dcappetta

    Wtb: 24-70mm F/2.8

    I have a 28-70 2.8. dm'd
  8. dcappetta


  9. dcappetta

    Eazy Handle V2

    i have a v1 for sale as well lmk. I have a v2 but Id only be interested to trade that in some sort of deal for an vx1mk1
  10. dcappetta

    Fs: **mint** Mark1

    i got a 7d setup i would trade for your vx1000
  11. dcappetta

    New York

    for whatever reason my flickr wont post but peep the ig @dcaptured
  12. dcappetta

    Wtt: Vx1000 Mk1 For 5d Mk2

    trade gripped 7d with 2 batts and sandisk extreme pro 32gb card? reads at 90mbps
  13. dcappetta

    Vx1/mk1 Setup

    pics of mk1?