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  1. Still searching for a vx1000 for parts
  2. Looking for a Sony Vx1000 for parts. Needs to have all the exterior parts so it looks in working condition, but doesn't need to operate.
  3. Canon 7d 60p with Twixtor, and Phantom HD @ 1000fps. Mini-site coming Shortly to www.streetperception.com You can also see the Case Study on our other installation piece at If you leave in Toronto, feel free to come to the Baitshop at 358 Dufferin St. @ the corner of Dufferin and Queen SW corner on Milky way lane. More info Available at. http://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/featured-exhibitions/113
  4. Video I made before College, but just never released it. So four years later! Youtube Release, Playlist Link
  5. worst come to worst- dilated peoples bohemian like you- dandy warhols
  6. smak

    Should we bring the bible back??

    I think bringing back the bible is a sick idea. It really helps. The best filmer, and the best editor should be the ones to post it. And people branch off of that.