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  1. So i film with an hpx 250 not 170 or hvx, but theyre all the same thread size so what ever. I am looking for a fisheye for under 300$ and a tripod thats under 300$ Ive been looking at the opteka hd2 .4x 72mm but its out of stock every where or back ordered I would prefer a fisheye with no vignette, maybe the 16x9? i need some input also i am looking for a fluid head tripod, one thatll work good in cold temps, i film mostly snowbaording, and i would also like to have variable tension knobs. someone help me out im torn ;( thanks -Cal
  2. Yeah that's what I want but I really can't pic what sort of camcorder... No CMOS sensor, has to fit a good fisheye, I prefer 1920x1080 with a 4:2:2 codec, and 1080x60p if possible. Anyone got suggestions?
  3. Hi, I'm brand new to this website and any forums in general, I'm actually still not sure if I am asking this question in the right place or not haha. Well I am going to college next year and am not focusing on film but am taking classes and wanting to MAYBE pursue a film career. I am heavily into filming snowboard/ski/skateboard videos and action sports in general, so that's a main focus but i also aspire to make some short film, maybe some sort of documentary and maybe music videos etc. I was previously using a t3i with a Rokinon 8mm fisheye but I'm looking to move into prosumer/professional camcorder. My budget would be $2500 max and I'm not sure if I should do the camcorder or the dslr. The 3ccd sensor is a tradition for skating and snowboarding but I don't want and DV tapes, and I know p2's are expensive and I don't think there are any p2 models that run 1080/60p which is kind of a deal breaker for me (should it be?). I've been mainly looking at the ag ac130a and 90a (160a if even possible) but I've also considered the ag hmc150, hvx200a, ag hpx170, JVC hm100 or 600, hcx-1000 (if possible), hxr nx3, pxwx70, and finally hxr nx70u. I need something that I can fit my rode stereo mic on (with or without Xlr adapter), and something that looks really good with a fisheye. PLEASEEE help, I need some serious professional opinions here! Thanks so much to who ever helps!!
  4. cal5221

    Fs:sony Trv900 Plus Extras!

    ill give you 500 for it but is it in good shape and can i get free shipping?
  5. cal5221

    Trv900 For Sale

    ya dude i would love to but i got to collect some money for it. First i would like to know details like what comes with it, whats the condition of the camera and are there any catches?